Posted by: Author | May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tales

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The word of the week was Bite for Tuesday Tales. My story is a new one I just started recently and so far, it doesn’t have a name. It’s set on a luxury train in Europe and takes place in 1935. Remember to pop over to the other tales by clicking on the icon. There are some great things going on over there. See what you think:

Fiona, appalled by the man’s lack of respect for his spouse opened her mouth to say something, thought better of it and bit her tongue as she turned to move back to the bar, still seeking that glass of gin.

Someone grabbed her arm. Fiona whirled around. It was the woman, Cordelia. “Do please ignore the ogre in the corner. I’m famished for both scintillating company and some food. Please. Sit. Let’s order a bite to eat and forget this man exists.”

“I’m afraid he doesn’t like me.”

“Pshaw. Barry doesn’t like anyone. Ignore him.” Cordelia pulled out a chair for Fiona and practically placed her in it. “I’ll call a waiter over. What do you want?”

“A gin and tonic please.” Fiona resigned herself to sit with the effusive Cordelia and her anti-social husband. How they ever married was a mystery to her but she guessed it was some kind of arranged thing by their parents.


  1. I wonder whether their marriage did get arranged. Nice post this week !

  2. Great post!

  3. I wonder if all in this scene is as it seems? Great sense of mystery here, for me.

    • Good spot, Sherry! It’s not. Lol. Glad I intrigued you.

  4. I immediately sense all is not as it seems to be. You just keep whetting my appetite!

    • Thanks Tonette. I hope so!!!

      • Yeah, well, my tbr list has grown with how many of your synopses now? Not everyone does that, ya know.(I used to not read romance!)

      • hahaha. I’ve made you a convert? I confess, I don’t like straight romance. I like more going on- like murders, etc

  5. I’ve seen some real life scenes like this one. Makes for a good story.

  6. I just couldn’t get past seeing Shrek in the corner. Fiona + Ogre = Shrek in my animated head.

  7. How funny, my WIP is set in 1934, but rural, farming Iowa instead of a luxury train. Good scene; love the way you introduce the intrigue.

    • thanks Trisha. AND I love that you’re working the same time frame in a different way! COOL!

  8. Love the way the book sounds! Hey that gin sounds about right too.

    • thanks Flossie. Yep, a gin would be great right about now!

  9. Yep. Sounds like there’s some interesting information about to come our way. Shocking, you say? Interested I am. lol

    • haha, Laurie- you’re channeling Yoda, you are. I’m glad I got you intrigued!!

  10. Sounds like some interesting things need to be told to us. Love the character names

    • Thanks Lindsay. I search hard for the right names.

  11. Great new story. Now I want to know how these two ended up married and whether or not Barry is going to continue to do a Shrek imitation! Lol. Love it.

    • Thanks Jean. There are surprises ahead for sure. And yeah, shrek impressions may be ahead. Lol.

  12. I love the start of this story. I can sense this is going to be one very interesting ride with Barry and Fiona!

    • Thanks Tricia. It’s def going to be interesting for them.

  13. I like the description in your post


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