Posted by: Author | July 21, 2013


I’ve been at the Romance Writers of America’s national conference in Atlanta. I had a wonderful time but as per usual, I overdid it and worked myself into a horrific migraine from not getting enough rest. I know better. I’ve had these blasted things my whole life but I still get in trouble with them. I was enjoying catching up with my pals and just flat out overdid it. I didn’t even feel like thinking of and putting up a Friday Fact (so you know that means I’m really out of it, right?

I’m in another hotel now- this one in Tallahassee since I have to be over here tomorrow. It made more sense to head here than home and then have to drive here. I’m utterly sick of hotels and I miss my kitty. I would say I miss my kid and spouse but they didn’t seem all that interested when I called to check in. I know Hobbes misses me.



  1. I hope you can get a chance to take better care of yourself,my dear. I have a tendency to over-do it,and then get going again too soon out if guilt for having slowed down.I know you can’t just stop, people are relying on you,but take a breather when you can,or at least take advantage of any short ones that come your way.

  2. At least try to get an early night tonight. Events like the conference are always tiring and I can imagine you take it all in to the max.

    • I did sleep pretty well and went to bed early on 21st. Can’t wait to be home in my own bed tonight!

  3. Okay, I’m going to whisper. (get some sleep). And next time, we’ll all remind you of this so you don’t overdue it, k?

    • Thanks Laurie. I really did try but every time I got to my room, someone would call me to come visit. Lol

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