Posted by: Author | July 22, 2013


Moon Dance, my latest romantic suspense is out from Desert Breeze Publishing. I’m excited to see how this one is received since the hero is blind. My story with the amputee hero- Sebastian’s Salvation– didn’t sell very well and it makes me sad that it seems like the romance readers aren’t ready to embrace a less than perfect hero. I hope I’m wrong about that. I guess I’ll see when I get a sales report, right?



  1. I’ve read less then perfect hero’s and felt that the stories have a lot of emotion. Wishing you the best with Moon Dance.

    • Thanks Lavada. Good to know some folks appreciate them.

  2. Isn’t there a show on TNT or TBS that is suspense and her partner is blind? I see ads for it all the time. Covert something, I think. That, to me, means it’s something people want to see (and read). I’m hoping. Congrats in the new release, Jillian!

    • I hope so, too, Laurie. I haven’t seen that ad but it makes me hopeful.

  3. Just finished an ARC of Mary Balogh’s newest book that releases in August called The Arrangement. It features a blind hero and he never miraculously sees. I think I would have felt cheated if he did.

    • I agree Morgan. That would be a cheat for sure. Glad it didn’t happen.

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