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Tuesday Tales- July 23, 2013- Picture Prompt

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This week on Tuesday Tales, we have a picture prompt. I’m still working that train story. This is my first foray into using a picture prompt. Let me know how I did. LOL! Here’s the link to the other tales.7999_10200996261167547_937053781_n

Fiona opened the door to the compartment. “I’ll see you later, then. Get some rest. I’m going to try to do the same. Before I left home, I dreamed about riding on the train and staring out the window at the scenery and I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.”

“Look out there now.” Cordelia pointed out the large window. A beautiful cloud-filled sky hung over a field with a handmade fence. A small road meandered off to the side of the field.

“That’s a wonderful view. I think I’ll go to my compartment and dream of a knight in shining armor riding around the next corner. See you soon.”

“Dream up one for me, too, Fi. Once I get rid of Barry, I’ll need one.”

Fiona laughed and turned to Win. “I guess she’s really tired of being married to you. You poor dear.”

“Not as tired as I am of her.” Win grinned and took Fiona by the elbow. “May I escort you to your compartment?”

“If you think it’s safe to leave Cordelia alone.”

“She’s never been one that it’s safe to leave alone but I think she can manage for ten minutes.” He paused and pressed his thumb to the side of his nose as he looked over at Cordelia. “Right, sweetheart?”

Cordelia raised her eyebrows. “I’ll try.”

Win and Fiona stepped out of the compartment. Win made sure the door was locked before they headed down the corridor even though he knew that if Cordelia decided to leave, she would do so without regard to what they’d discussed.


  1. You did very well! Clever use of the picture prompt. =)

  2. Yes excellent use.. I need to know more about what is going on here…xx

  3. I’m beginning to not trust Win or Cordelia at all. I think they’re up to something.

  4. Yes, love the picture! Now hat is Cordelia up to? I have to know! I am expecting to find out in subsequent weeks…eventually, maybe?

    • Maybe, Tonette. You may have to wait til it’s published. Lol

  5. What had they discussed? Hmm. The plot is simmering and I think things are about to go swirling around. Look out for Cordelia!

  6. Ok…I’m with everyone else. I can’t trust either Win or Cordelia. There’s just something fishy about the two of them…

  7. It’s getting more and more interesting! Well done with the pic 🙂

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