Posted by: Author | August 2, 2013

Friday Facts- August 2, 2013- Ice Cream Soda Day

First things first. I’m guest blogging today at Christina Cole’s blog here. I’m giving a wee bit of writing advice. Come by and keep me company if you have time.

I have a friend named Joan who, every month, sends out a calendar of holidays and events for that month. She spends a lot of time on this endeavor and I enjoy seeing what’s on tap. This day, for example, is Ice Cream Soda Day. I’m not a super big fan of the ole ice cream soda mainly because I’m not much on carbonated beverages. There was a place in Birmingham, Alabama when I was in law school that made one that was very light on the soda – it was chocolate and was divine.

There appears to be some controversy on the internet about this day as I also found references to June 29th. That on June 29, in 1874, Robert McCay invented this treat by adding phosphate soda to ice cream. Whatever day we celebrate this man, let’s be happy he was so clever.

What’s your favorite ice cream soda? Do you like root beer floats? My sister loves them and all I can say is ick! LOL!


  1. Root beer floats hold a soft spot in my heart. When I was a kid growing up, every Saturday night in the summer, Mom would go down to A&W and get a jug of root beer and thing of ice cream. Then, she’d make floats for each of us 5 kids. Not only yummy, but good memories. Thanks for the reminder. šŸ™‚

    • Aww. Sounds like a great memory. I’m glad I made you think of it and recall fun memory.

  2. I tried to leave a comment last night and couldn’t get it to take. I love Root Beer floats and A&W it just doesn’t get better than that.

    • Well, dang, sorry it didn’t take. Glad to hear you like the root beer ones. Maybe you and Laurie can hang out with my sister and have some. I’ll watch!

  3. I ,too,am not a fan of root beer floats and although I like carbonated cola, I have been known to enjoy a nice vanilla ice cream float, made with flattened lemon-lime soda.(I put it in a glass first and stir the heck out of it!) Then I let the ice cream melt in it a bit, but I truly rarely indulge. If you like ice cream, you might try that, if you are in a situation where you just MUST have an ice cream float to be sociable!!!

    • I would never have to have one to be social. I can just eat the ice cream. LOL! Yours sounds good though

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