Posted by: Author | August 6, 2013

Tuesday Tales- Smooth

The word of the week is Smooth. Check out the other stories here.

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Fiona pulled her hair up in a twist securing it with a crystal barrette. She sighed a little as she compared her fake accessories with the real diamond ones the other ladies in the first class coaches were going to be draped in at dinner. She made a face at herself in the mirror and shrugged. She mimicked her mother’s voice, “Don’t be getting above your station, luvvie. It’ll lead to heartache.”

With one last look at the mirror, Fiona smoothed an errant piece of hair down and picking up her shawl and key, walked out of her compartment and straight into Win himself.


  1. The mum is so right. Look forward to reading win’s reaction next week.

    • Thanks Iris. Mum’s are always right, aren’t they?

      • D’you know the song? “Don’t forget it, you’ll regret it, mother knows best” ! 🙂

      • I don’t, Iris but I’m going to pop over to you tube and find it.

  2. Mother always knows best, at least that`s what I tell my daughter. 😉 Looking forward to seeing what Win does next week.

    • Lol Vicki- I have sons but I tell them the same. But, do they listen? Hehehe

  3. Mom’s often have the best advice…plus I just don’t trust Win. Looking forward to next week,

    • “Above her station”?I’d be good to rise above a bad spot to better, but not by envy,I guess she meant, or to put yourself in a bad spot, as in ‘don’t try to compete”? That IS good advice.hope you don’t have TOO much heartache in store for this girl; you already made us like her!

      • Actually, Tonette, in this story, it’s 1937 and the heroine is from England. They had/have a very distinct class system and that is what her mom meant- don’t aim above your class. Sadly, that is historically accurate.

      • Yes, it was; I am sorry.You are right.I wasn’t thinking.It is still that way in many places and in some class-areas of Europe.I usually give that lecture to people who wonder the hows & whys of people risking life and limb to come to America, especially those who went through hardship when they reached here.And here I was mindless to you. Soory.

      • Not a problem, Tonette. I don’t think I posted that it’s a historical. It is a shame that these types things are still out there in the world.

    • Thanks Sarah. I agree about mom’s – Although when I was Fiona’s age, maybe I didn’t – LOL

  4. Great exerpt! I can’t decide whether to trust Win or not. On one hand he’s smooth…on the other he could be the murderer…

    • Tricia, thanks for that! I’ve been trying to make him a little vague on who he really is.

  5. Not to sure if I trust Win. He always seems to be turning up at the wrong time and that’s usually at her door

    • Lol Lindsay. You’re right. He’s always prowling the hall outside her door, isn’t he?

  6. Can’t wait to read the next excerpt, curious to see what happens.

    • Thanks. This coming week there will be no update since the picture didn’t match.

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