Posted by: Author | August 7, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

2013-05-25 11.53.20


  1. Your pictures are amazing. So where is this and how old? You could make a series of zigsaw puzzles and put them online. I just downloaded a puzzle app for the Ipad and am spending way to much time with it.

    • Ooooh. That sounds like a fun app, Lavada. Thanks for the compliment on my photos. I love looking for unique views through my lens. This is an old fort on Nassau in the Bahamas.

  2. I’m glad I didn’t try to guess where this was.You have a great eye for interesting shots.This one is trying to become a story , like a ghost that won’t quite take form…

    • Ahh. Nice. I hope it does inspire you to write that.

      • It did.Our friend Micki introduced me to a “100 words in 100 days” challenge and I figured with the circus that is going on around here<i could handle that much and it would spur me on.This is going to be the romance story that all you and our friends have insinuated into my brain.LOL!

      • I’m excited that the 100 words 100 days is making you both be motivated. I think that’s great.

      • I know it sounds like a little, but with my son staying here with his odd schedule and all the grandkids in and out,it is what I need to make sure I hold my sanity!

      • Every little bit helps. It gets the story written

      • And I am only counting fiction, not blog-work. It does help and thanks for your encouragement!

      • Good. Should be just fiction. Keep on trucking.

    • And thanks for the compliment.

  3. As someone who takes pictures of things I can blow up and use for backgrounds in a scrapbook, I LOVE the texture of this wall.

    • Awesome, Laurie. I loved it too. The neat thing about it also is that the Bahamian authorities sand blast it every few years and they basically start over on the graffiti

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