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Tuesday Tales- November 5, 2013- Abrupt

This week’s word is ABRUPT. I’m still using this Thanksgiving short story for the word prompts. Check out the other Tales here.

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“Well yeah, I’m not a moron you know. I can recall a conversation from less than twelve hours ago but I don’t think crack of dawn was mentioned. It is a holiday, you know. I was trying to finish my baking.”

“I know it’s a holiday but since a lot of people are in town, I arranged to have the phlebotomist on hand early so she could take the samples and get started. Matt needs this transplant as soon as possible.”

“Are you picking up everyone and driving them over? Or are you just doing drive-bys to see if they’re still home or asleep?” Molly crossed her arms over her chest.

“Everyone else I spoke to has already come and gone. You’re the last one. I decided to come get you since you seemed to have forgotten.”

She exhaled a loud sigh. “Let me take a shower and turn off the oven and we’ll go then.”

“Never mind. Jason was right about you. Forget it.” Chip turned to walk away.

Molly lunged out the door and grabbed his bicep. “Hold on there a minute, mister. What does that mean?”

“Nothing. Forget it.” He shook her hand off and stepped off the porch onto the top stair.

“You can’t come here and announce that Jason was right about something and not tell me what.”

Chip faced her. “He said that you had become rude and abrupt in your dealings with people. It really makes me sad, you know. Last night I thought he was wrong when you were so sweet and kind but now I see that the change in you really has happened. Sorry to have bothered you. Enjoy your holiday.”

Stunned beyond belief that Jason was telling such tales about her and that Chip believed them, she flung her apron over her head and shutting the door behind her, she stalked down the path behind him. “Wait for me. I’m going with you.”

Chip turned back and as soon as he made eye contact with her, his eyes widened. “Are you sure you want to go like that?”

“Of course. I want to help Matt and show you that I am a nice person and you’ve already said I have no time to shower.”

“But your shirt—”

“I’m sorry if my shirt doesn’t meet your approval. Let’s go.” Molly bounded over to Chip’s Mustang. At least she presumed it was his since it was in her driveway. She tried to open the passenger door but it was locked.

The chirp-chirp of the door unlocking preceded Chip as he arrived at the car. “If you’re sure you want to go like that, get in.”

Sure that she looked fine, Molly opened the door and slid into the grey leather seat.


  1. There is so much I want to know from this scene. Why would Jason lie? Why didn’t she check her clothing and so much more.

    • Sherry- I want to know why she didn’t look at her clothes, too. LOL!

  2. So many questions to be answered! Well done.

  3. LOL. Oh man, I’m picturing so many things happening with her shirt. What a scene! I can’t wait to see more of this little story!

    • Thanks Sarah. I’m happy with it, too. I’ll be submitting it soon.

  4. love the interaction between the characters!!

  5. Hmmm, most interesting. Can’t wait to hear more!

  6. I’m wondering why he meant about Jason being right about her. And what’s going on with her shirt?

    • Glad you’re curious, Lindsay. That was my intent. Lol.


  7. I’m with everyone else…what’s up with her shirt? I loved it – great excerpt!

    • Thanks Tricia. She’s going to be totally embarrassed when she sees what she has in in public.


  8. DAMN!! You’re going to leave us hanging? I want to know about her shirt and I want to know NOW! You really got me. Well done!

    • Hehehe- glad I gotcha Jean! I’ve been left hanging by your stories, too so this time it was my turn! LOL – glad you’re liking it.

  9. Very curious about the back story here and how its affecting what transpires here. And yes, dying to hear what she’s wearing/or how it looks.

    • Thanks Tricia. It seems I have everyone curious about that shirt.


  10. Hi Jillian,
    Of course, I want to know about that shirt. Great job setting the hook.

  11. Love it …. and my mind is going into overdrive thinking about all the scenarios about the shirt.

    • Lol Lois. Glad you’re curious. Hehehe


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