Posted by: Author | November 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Charming.

  2. I absolutely love the tree branch over the …porch(?).I wonder how many have climbed through the windows to get there?

    • There’s a story, there Tonette.


      • There are a million stories flying around.I need time to catch them.

      • I love old house and this one looks like it could be in a story.

      • It spoke to me, too Lavada. I think there are stories here for sure.

  3. Charming is right. It looks like a grand place. It looks bigger than it probably is, but I love the look of it. 🙂 Is it local?

    • Thanks Laurie. Nope, it’s in or near Beverly Hills, Ca. – I went back to some old photos that appealed to me.

  4. Fantasy provokimg

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