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Tuesday Tales- November 12, 2013- Picture Prompt

This week’s Tuesday Tales is a picture prompt (see below). I’m still working with my Thanksgiving Story and have used this picture for the Thanksgiving table set by Molly’s mother. This part of the story actually takes place before last week’s part since I had to add the picture prompt and it fit better here.
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The next morning, Molly rose early to make sure she had time to make the cranberry salad and her special red velvet cake before heading over to the Thanksgiving dinner at her parents’ place with the extended family. She was looking forward to the special table her mother always set for their family gathering. The lavender napkins that only came out once a year along with the wine glasses and silver chargers that her parents got when they married were a tradition that Molly held close to her heart. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without those little touches.

She decided not to shower and dress before cooking since she usually made a mess anyway. Sleeping in a thin flannel pajama top and yoga pants was comfy and perfect to bake in, too. After brushing her teeth, she tugged on a pair of socks and her sneakers and headed to the kitchen.

After slipping the festive apron with embroidered pumpkins scattered on the bodice over her head, Molly opened the flour container. A poof of white power flew up into her face. She laughed as she measured the ingredients for the cake. It had been too long since she’d made a cake from scratch since she’d been living in hotels for work and she’d missed the process.

Glad that she was no longer traveling as a consultant, she pulled the cocoa out last and as she flipped up the lid, the container tilted and spilled some down the front of the apron. She rubbed her hands over the fabric and poured the cocoa into the mixer.

The machine ran while Molly greased and floured the pans. Once the mixture was ready, she poured some into each of the three round pans and popped them into the oven she had set to preheat as soon as she arrived in the kitchen.

She started to amass the ingredients to make the icing when the doorbell rang. She ran her hands down the front of the apron again and poked the errant locks of hair that had fallen out of her messy bun behind her ears.

Arriving at the door, she called out, “Who is it?”


What the heck was he doing here so early? Molly glanced at the mantel clock. It was only a bit after seven. She opened the door. “What’s going on?”

His gaze raked her body making her self conscious of what she must look like. How much flour and cocoa was she wearing?

“Are you going to the hospital like that?” Chip asked.

“I’m going to the hospital?” Confused, Molly frowned.


  1. Great excerpt!

  2. Loved the imagery of this, and hope that whatever reason she has to go to the hospital for is not too serious.

    • Thanks Sherry. It’s not serious for her.

  3. Love the description of not only making the cake but also a mess. Interesting hook at the end

    • Thanks Lindsay. I appreciate it. Descriptions are something I really have to work hard on. I much prefer writing dialogue.

  4. I love this scene. Cooking for Thanksgiving — I can so relate to that! And getting messy as well. Wouldn’t you know Chip would be there. But what’s this about the hospital? Quite a cliffhanger. Hope you will resolve next week so I don’t have to get hostile. Lol.

    • Cooking for thanksgiving is def a must, right, Jean? Don’t get hostile but next week’s cliffhanger is really going to get ya! Heheheh.


  5. Molly sounds sooo much like me when I bake! I love to do it, but I inevitably end up just absolutely covered in flour!! Great scene.

    • Yep, Molly’s baking style is the part of Molly that’s me, too. I make a complete shambles!

  6. I loved this scene. It had just the right touch of cooking details interwoven delicately into the scene. And the poufs of flour and spilled cocoa … excellent!

    • Thanks Trisha. That means a lot to me especially as you are so good with scene setting yourself.


  7. See … this is why I don’t bake … LOL
    Can’t wait to find out whether she is or not going to the hospital … another great post.

    • Thanks Iris. I’m a messy baker myself so I wanted to make her like that. I love baking but man, I can tear up the place.


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