Posted by: Author | November 9, 2013

Release Day- The Second Minute- Weekend Read

Book Two of The Minute Series is released today from Secret Cravings Publishing as a sensual romance. The name of this one is The Second Minute…Can Be the Hardest. This is a romance short that my publisher calls a weekend read as it’s under 10,000 words and just long enough to read in one seating- like while you have a pedicure or your hair cut. AND the price is awesome- just 99 cents. I’ll share the blurb and excerpt below. BUY LINK



Antoinette Blake traveled to London to visit her daughter and met her favorite actor, Adam Knowles. His latest movie is being released and he’s invited Antoinette to be his date on the red carpet. She’s nervous to be seen in public with him as she fears being humiliated by the press due to her age since in her mind she’s not the young, sexy woman he deserves.

Adam wants Antoinette by his side since he’s never had a supportive partner. She accompanies him to a boutique to choose her gown, and when the saleswoman treats her with disrespect, Antoinette knows she was right about not being good enough to be seen on Adam’s arm. She backs out of going to the premiere. Adam is hurt but Antoinette can’t see past her own potential embarrassment and be the woman Adam needs.


The plain bagel with nothing on it tasted bland and was tough for Antoinette Blake to swallow. She coughed and hacked. Black coffee didn’t help either. She waved her hand in the air and in a choking voice, got the word out of her mouth, “Water.”

“Gee, mom,” her daughter Julie said, as she handed her mother a glass filled to the rim with icy cold water. “You act like you’re some kind of martyr.”

Antoinette swallowed her drink before she responded. “I am. Trust me. Eating these things without any cream cheese or honey or anything on them is truly ghastly.”

“I don’t know why you think a couple of days of dry bagels and black coffee is going to make any difference at all to this shopping trip you’re going on with Adam.”

The thought of her newfound boyfriend—of course being over forty, it sounded weird even in her own head to call him that—made Antoinette’s heart flutter. “I want to look good for him and fit into whatever gown I need to wear. You know, I’ve never been to a movie premiere before and the thought of it terrifies me to the depths of my soul.”

Julie sat across from Antoinette. “You could wear a sack and a bag over your head and Adam would think you look marvelous. That man thinks you’re wonderful.”

“The rest of the world doesn’t know me at all. They’re going to all be asking who the heck that frumpy woman beside Adam Knowles is. It’s going to be humiliating. I know it.”

“Mom, you’re nuts. You’re not frumpy at all.”

“Compared to the young actresses he’s always photographed with, I sure am.” Antoinette rose and scraped the remainder of the dry bagel into the trashcan. She rinsed out her cup. “I’ve got to go brush my teeth. He’ll be here any moment and it would be bad for me to have coffee breath.”

“Even that wouldn’t turn Adam off.” Julie laughed


  1. This sounds sooo good. I love Cougar stories.

    • Lol Lavada. It’s not a cougar story. The hero is in his fifties.


      • Oh, it was leaning toward that. Fifties, now I am interested.

      • Yeah. It’s an older love love story. For those of us who are getting older every second. Lol.


  2. This sounds like a winner. I tweeted it and going to go get it now. I don’t know if you see who buys your books, but all my kindle tales are under my husband’s name since he bought the kindle for me. That man reads tons of romances.LOL

    • Thanks for the tweet, Morgan. And thanks for the support. I hope you enjoy the tale. And I love that they’re all under your husband’s name. Fun!


  3. I grabbed it! And I’m tweeting and sharing on FB. Best of luck, Jillian.

    • Thanks for the support, Tonette and the tweet and FB.


      • My pleasure.I have appreciated your confidence in me,Jillian.

  4. I love the premise of this story (and the cover). It’s sort of Notting Hill in reverse. I’m off to pick it up.

    • Awesome Laurie. Didn’t think of of it that way. Cool.


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