Posted by: Author | November 22, 2013

Friday Facts-November 22, 2012-JFK Assassination

We all know today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. How could we not with all the media hype around it the last month or so? Movies, tv specials, newspaper articles, and Internet sites talking about it ad nauseum have shoved it down our throats.

Let’s take a moment today and think about not only the loss to a nation but of the more personal loss that his mother, wife, kids and the rest of his family suffered. The family had to grieve so publically, it seems to me that was even more horrendous. They had absolutely no time to truly mourn as they had to be the face of the nation.

I sometimes think the nation forgets that more profound loss of a daddy that made time for his kids – read to them, played with them and was an important part of their lives. Yeah, he may have been a womanizer and not the best spouse but this little nuclear family was the never same again. Having known friends and family who lost parents at a very young age, it has a profound affect on the psyche.

Imagine what their lives may have been had their daddy lived.


  1. I always feel especially sad for those who have to grieve publicly. To have the media hound you when all you want is to be left alone with those closest to you must be horrific. Thanks for reminding us that National and even World-Wide events have a personal side. Well said Jillian.

    • Thanks Darlene. I agree, it would have to make it even more awful.

  2. I appreciate you bringing up what the family had to go through. I see news cameras in grieving people’s faces almost every day on the news. Leave the folk alone with their tears, I say. But then, I’m a “cry in private” kind of person. And, I think, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was, too.
    It was such a sad day.

    • Thanks Laurie. I am also a cry in private person and that whole camera in your face makes me ill. It’s awful how people seem to be ghouls who want to watch suffering. I hate it

      • Yup. We’re kindred spirits. I don’t watch the news much these days and that’s one of the reasons. I go online and read the news, so I can pick and choose.

      • Amen. Me, too. I never watch tv news. All I want to know, I get online as well.


  3. It was and will always be a sad time. I agree with crying in private but a whole nation mourned with this family. There are a lot of sincere personal stories of the impact his assassination had on personal life’s. It’s this I focus on when I see news coverage of it. And, for me it’s another reminder that life is short and not to wait to tell that someone you love them.

    • Amen! Life is very short and you never know what day will be your last.

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