Posted by: Author | December 6, 2013

Friday Fact- December 6, 2013- The Good Ole 21st Amendment

The eighteenth amendment to the US Constitution otherwise known as the Volstead Act was a spectacular failure. It saw the beginning of organized crime in this country with the illegal sales of alcohol and speakeasys. The 21st amendment repealed the eighteenth and the last state to ratify the amendment was Utah on December 5, 1933 which by my math was 80 years ago yesterday.

To celebrate my right to buy liquor, I made Fireball Whiskey cupcakes. I found the recipe on another blog which you can find here. I must say, they turned out quite nice. Tasty and light.

redemptionforthedevilcoverart-1I also have a funny story about my story, Redemption for the Devil. It started in Ireland and the main characters worked their way across the Atlantic Ocean in the bar of the ship. I was writing away and then got them to New York Harbor. When I was thinking about where to put the heroine to work as a lounge singer, I slapped my forehead and said, “Crap, the Volstead Act, now what?” So, easy peasy, I moved her to Chicago where she met a gangster and went to work in his speakeasy.

Easy peasy, speakeasy. Lol. Just realized how stupid that sounded but I’m leaving it in.



  1. Yummy, our daughter made rum balls last weekend. The first time I’ve had them and they were good. Strong but good.

    • Rum balls are good, Lavada but very strong. This recipe is very, very mild.

  2. I’m not a fan of rumballs, but if this one is lighter, it’s worth a try. Happy 21st amendment!

    • This tastes nothing like rum balls, Laurie. It’s a light cinnamon flavor.


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