Posted by: Author | December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

2013-10-29 18.33.51


  1. Hobbes, get OFF the microwave! Silly cat. Those are for humans. ๐Ÿ™‚ (But it’s really good to see you, kitto!

    • He’s a mess, isnโ€™t he Laurie? He walked across the top of the refrig to get there.

      • Yeah, but he’s so darn adorable! You gotta love his antics.

      • He is. He’s such fun! Yesterday, he tried his darnedest to open the back door. He hung on the door knob- it was wild – then this morning, he stole his bag of treats off the counter and hid under the Christmas tree with them. I could hear the bag rattling and told him he wasnโ€™t being very subtle. LOL

  2. Yep. He’s definitely a keeper…and a mischief-maker.:)

  3. He has personality looks. Just looking at his picture makes me happy.

  4. He really is a character! He made me smile broadly..We’re still having trouble with the new one getting adjusted with the other cats.I have seldom had this problem.Hobbe’s fun antics are welcome!

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