Posted by: Author | January 17, 2014

Friday Facts- January 17, 2014- The Capitol Records Building

220px-Capitol_Records_Building_LAThe Capital Records building in Los Angeles is a cool building and was the first circular office building. It was built in 1956. It has a number of recording studios in it and at one time was called “The House that Nat Built” as a tribute to Nat King Cole who contributed financially to it.

The blinking light on the top of the tower has spelled out “Hollywood” in Morse Code since the place opened. Interestingly, the daughter of Samuel Morse is the one who flipped the switch to turn it on. I like the significance of that. For a brief time in 1992, it flashed “Capitol 50” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the label.

The Tower was in the movies Earthquake and The Day after Tomorrow. Did you remember that? The funny thing is, the building is actually earthquake resistant and was constructed to be so. I love that they showed it collapsing in the movie.

This is a really awesome looking building and you can’t miss it if you drive in Hollywood.


  1. Iconic, at least for me. I did not know about the morse code thing. That’s cool. TGIF, Jillian!

    • Very iconic!! And yeah, isn’t the Morse Code thing awesome?

  2. Neat building. Like Laurie I didn’t know about the Morse Code.

    • I love the building and I swear I took a picture of it when I was in LA but I can’t find it so I took this one from them. LOL!

  3. How interesting! Your Friday Facts column is most enjoyable. I did not know the morse code connection.

    • thanks Flossie. I try to make them fun and informative.

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