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Tuesday Tales- January 21, 2014- Hill

This week’s word is HILL. I’m still working on the 1950s set story. Since it is set in 1956, I asked my dad what his favorite song was when he was sixteen. He said it was Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino or I’m Walkin’ by Fats Domino. I love them both myself and researched their release dates and since I’m Walkin‘ was released in 1957, I used Blueberry Hill in the story. Imagine how cool it was when I saw that the prompt for this week was hill. Worked out great, didn’t it?

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Once the waitress left the table, Rick pulled a couple of napkins from the metal pop up dispenser on the table. “Do you have a pen?”

“Sure. Let me find it.” Vivian opened her purse and shuffled through the contents.

“While you’re looking, I’m going to play something on the jukebox. Any particular thing you want to hear?” He slid out of the booth.

“How about that one that’s kind of new by Fats Domino?”

Blueberry Hill? You like that one?”

Vivian nodded.

“There might be hope for you yet then.” Rick strolled over to the jukebox and spent a few minutes reading the list of songs and feeding it money.

When he returned, he had to stand to one side while the waitress placed a tray with their plates and drink glasses on the tabletop. Rick helped unload the tray then sat.

“What did you mean when you said there may be hope for me?” Vivian figured she was walking into a trap as she asked the question but she couldn’t help herself.

“That song is all about finding a thrill and if you like it, maybe you aren’t as adverse to thrills as you’d like me to believe.”

The grin on his face really needed wiping off with a smart remark but she decided she wouldn’t say anything since she asked for it. Instead of talking, she bit into her sandwich and chewed.


  1. Great excerpt! And how was it that the prompt was ‘hill’?!

    • Thanks Vicki. And I love that the prompt was right up my “hill”. Lol.


  2. I love how you used that song and worked it into the prompt!

    • Thanks Jamie. It was so cool how I’d already decided on the song and that was the prompt. Fun.

  3. LOL! Serendipity at its finest! Love the way you worked the prompt in…and I love the round-about trap he set…I wonder how long it’ll take him to break through her wall. 😀

    • Thanks Sarah. I love this guy and he’s pretty persistent. Lol


  4. “I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill..”
    I remember hearing that song on not only the radio but American Bandstand staring Dick Clark. Boy does that date me.
    Great scene.

    • I love that you heard it on Bandstand, Lindsay. That’s awesome. Thanks re: scene.


  5. Perfect prompt for this scene! I love the interaction between the two. Very natural.

    • thanks Tricia. I’m glad you liked the interaction. The prompt was definitely perfect

  6. Nice use of the word prompt! And I love the way he throws “thrill” into the conversation, feeling her out as to how much of a thrill he’s going to get from her. Nice subtle scene. Well done!

    • Thanks Jean. I’m glad it came across like I intended. I was thrilled (lol) to see the word prompt since I already wanted to use the song based on my dad’s recommendation.


  7. I think it was amazing how you gave a sense of time for the scene by using New, Fats Domino and Blueberry Hill. 🙂 Great job.

    • thanks Morgan, I was hoping to set the era by the music choice. I’m glad it worked!

  8. Excellent use of hill 🙂

    • Thanks Sherry.


  9. Great use of the prompt, and yes, that was my first question … in regards to the hope for her. LOL ….. hope this is not the end of the conversation.

    • thanks Iris. And there MAY be hope for her after all. LOL

  10. Sounds like he has something planned for her. Can’t wait to see what thrills are going to come her way.

    • Thanks Stefan. Thrill is def one key word in this story.


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