Posted by: Author | February 7, 2014

Friday Facts- February 7, 2014- Happy Birthday Pinocchio

In 1883, Carlo Collodi wrote a children’s book called The Adventures of Pinocchio. Eventually, Walt Disney purchased the rights to make the story into a movie. This was his second animated feature film. His first was Snow White.

The film came out on February 7, 1940 and was the first animated feature film to win an academy award. It won two; one for Best Music- original score and one for Best Music- original song for When You Wish Upon a Star.

How convenient would it be if, in real life, when someone lies that their nose would grow? It’d sure make life easier for lawyers, wouldn’t it?

Wish on a star with me this Friday!


  1. Had to laugh at the last comment. Yep easier on lawyers and moms too. I loved that story and movie.

    • LOL! Yep. I didn’t think about moms. hehehe- I also love the movie.

  2. Pfft. Yep, it would be interesting if there were a clear “tell” when folks are lying.
    I LOVE the song “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Sang it to my kids, sing it to my grandkids. Won’t sing it at karaoke, though. My kids and grandkids HAVE to listen to me, even if they cover their ears. Lol

    • LOL On the song singing. My kids aren’t fans of my voice either but tough luck! I would never do Karaoke- it would clear the bar and then the bartenders would hate me because the tips would dry up and then they might drown me in vodka.

      Yep. We need a “tell” for liars don’t we?

      • It’s actually a bucket list item of mine, to try karaoke. Shhh. Don’t tell my kids because they’ll engineer the opportunity for me. (They love me that much that they’d suffer through it. Lol) I don’t have a great voice, but just once, I’d like to try it. But it has to be my decision, my opportunity, you know?

  3. That would be awesome, Laurie. I hope someone will record it.

    • I just said a b-a-a-d-d-d word. No recording. Nosiree. Uh uh. Nope. Not a one. I may have a wish, but that doesn’t mean I want to relive it. Lol a bunch.

      • hehehehehe. I want to be a fly on the wall, then

      • Only if you sign a non-disclosure clause. 🙂

  4. DONE!

  5. I remember being so impressed with this story when we first read it in elementary school. As for the nose growing becoming a physical reality, with so many little white lies and downright venomous lies, how soon would it change the genetics of the human race?

    • Very good point, Flossie. Maybe there’s a cool fantasy story in that question. Maybe while lies could be allowed? *grins*

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