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Tuesday Tales- February 11, 2014- Heart

This week’s word prompt for Tuesday Tales is Heart. I’ve started a new story since I submitted the 1950s story last week to a publisher. This one is a contemporary and I am actually setting it in my hometown. Be sure to check out the other tales here. Badge for TT - very small

Miss Jenkins returned to her chair. “Ten years ago, my sister was found dead at her home lying at the bottom of the stairs. She lived in Reno with her husband and was supposedly happy in her marriage.”

“What was the official cause of death?” Richard was making notes in case the woman decided to report that he wasn’t paying her proper attention.

“The coroner said it was an accident.”

“And you don’t believe it?” Richard glanced up at her. She had an intense look on her face and seemed on the verge of tears. Great. He couldn’t stand it when they cried. That wasn’t completely true. After all, he did enjoy it when his questioning got so intense that he made a suspect confess or get teary but this was different. The lady seemed too fragile all of a sudden.

“I wasn’t entirely sold on the theory when it happened but since I wasn’t there, I didn’t get a chance to question it.”

“Why would you have been in a position to do that?”

“I’m a trained medical examiner. I actually don’t work in that field any longer but I did for a year or two after I got out of medical school.”

“So, how does this Reno ruling of accidental death get you to Pensacola and who was the next to die?”

“I’m getting to that. Would you please allow me to tell this in my own way?”

“Sure, lady, I have all day. Take your time. I mean, after all, there’s no other place I’d rather be than right here listening to you drag out this story for dramatic effect.” Richard knew by the look on her face that he’d probably gone too far with the sarcasm but couldn’t she get to the heart of the matter sooner rather than later? He tilted his chair onto its two back legs and tossed his pen to the table.

“You must be one of the rudest men I’ve ever met.” She stood. “I’m going to get someone else who will take me seriously.”


  1. Good luck with your submission and I can’t wait how this one pans out. I would walk off as well 😉

    • Thanks for the luck good wishes. I’m afraid I’ll need them. LOL

  2. Good luck with the submission. My fingers are crossed! I like this new one. I`d probably walk off as well. Or slap him upside the head with my purse.

    • LOL Vicki! He does need a slap upside the head, doesn’t he?
      Thanks for the good wishes on the submission.

  3. Good luck with the submission. This looks like an interesting beginning of a great story. Love her snarkieness

    • Thanks Lindsay. Snarky is what I love. LOL!

  4. Good luck for your submission 🙂 I’m loving this story already and so want to know more. You’ve given us so much here and yet left a load of unanswered questions.
    *PS* Jillian I couldn’t get in with this week’s TT link, but went to you home page then back to this blog.

    • Thanks sherry. I’m want to know more as well since I’m pantsing this – I have no idea what’s next. Lol.

      I’ll go check my link.

  5. I empathize with Richard. I hate long, drawn out stories. But I need to know what happened to her sister and who did it! Great story!

    • I’m with you, Jean. Long, drawn out stories drive me crazy. I get them all the time in my work as a lawyer. I always want them to cut to the chase. Lol.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  6. I’m hooked already. You always nail your characters. I want to read the rest! What’s the name of this WIP?
    PS. Good luck with your submission!

    • thanks Trisha- super glad you’re hooked! I’m also happy that you like the characters. I actually just came up with a name for the book today (Feb 16)- it’s “Til Murder Do Us Part”

      thanks for the good luck wishes.

  7. Good luck with your submission, but I believe your talent will win out.
    I hope Miss Jenkins gives him even more hell.

    • thanks Morgan – I appreciate the compliment. I hope you’re right! AND be sure, Miss Jenkins will be on task. LOL!

  8. I’m intrigued with the story and I can’t wait to read more. Good luck with your submission.

    • thanks Stefan!

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