Posted by: Author | February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

tree 1tree


  1. Tulip tree. My mother-in-law had one about the same size and I loved it.

    • We call it a Japanese magnolia here but I love the name tulip tree. Very tulipy look to the flowers. And I love it, too


  2. It looks like a Magnolia to me. My mom has one in her yard and it’s lovely…for about a week, then makes a mess of her yard. They are beautiful trees! Is this blooming now?

    • This is in the yard at the office. Japanese magnolia. And yep, blooming now. I love it. Top pic was yesterday at lunch. Bottom is this morning.


      • Wow. What a difference environment makes. Mom’s blooms mid-May usually.

      • Yep. It does. Mine blooms crazy times. Twice a year, usually. And one is usually in the fake spring we get before Good Friday. We usually get another freeze sometime in March and it tricks the buds again. Lol. Azaleas, too.


      • That is SO cool. I’m going to tell Mom. She’ll be jealous you get two bloomings. She loves that tree. Not as much as she loves her cat, but she loves the tree.

  3. LOL Laurie. I’m glad she loves the cat more than the tree! I love mine, too. Cat and tree.

    AND what’s up with the number of times I used the word usually? I need an editor.

  4. And here I was looking for an early Spring because the crocus and daffodil leaves are starting to emerge! Thanks for sending HOPE. We are finally warm today and I am (foolishly?) optimistic that it will continue. The flowers on your tree and beautiful and inspiring.

    • It’s been 78 here but predicted in 40s again this weekend so it’s not over even here.

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