Posted by: Author | February 21, 2014

Friday Fact- February 21, 2014- Happy Birthday

The only fact today is the fact that it’s Alan Rickman’s birthday! Happy day to one of the best actors of our age. He’s versatile in his work and is not only a superb actor, he’s also a fine writer and director. I hope he has a marvelous day. I’ll be watching one of his more obscure flicks to celebrate him. What will you do? Make a cake? Sing? Dance?



  1. He’s lucky to have a fan like you Jillian. Enjoy the day.

    • Thanks Lavada. I wonder if he knows I’m such a fan? LOL – He’d probably run!

  2. Now, you should not lead us into temptation by asking what we’d like to do for Alan Rickman on his birthday… but I could bake a cake for him; I’d love to.
    I hope he has a wonderful day.I truly enjoy everything I have seen him do.

    • I am sure he’d like the cake!

  3. You’re favorite day of the whole year. So…have you managed to talk the powers that be into making today a holiday yet? 🙂

    • Haha Laurie. Nope. Haven’t been. Maybe I’ll have better luck with veg out day.


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