Posted by: Author | February 22, 2014

Dizziness and a New Cover

In 2012 for NaNoWriMo, I wrote a story that I had a title to for many years but hadn’t found the right story to use it with since it was such an awesome title (if I do say so myself). Anyway, after 2012 Nano, I let the story sit for a long time before I went back to clean it up. I got a request from an agent at RWA in Atlanta for it but it was ultimately turned down by her. I was kind of glad since she seemed to not “get” me even at the pitch session and I don’t think I’d want to work with her anyway.

Fast forward to Feb 3, 2014- I submitted it to my publisher, Sweet Cravings Publishing. On Feb 18, 2014, I got the acceptance stating that the e-book would be out in April (gasp) and print in October. I sent the contract back and rushed to do the cover questionnaire that night as it was already so close to April. I turned that in the evening of the 18th.

The next day, the 19th, at around 3:30, I got the edits! I love my editor there and she said there wasn’t much to fix. She also said, “OMG, best pet I’ve seen in a book yet.” LOL –

As I worked on the edits the evening of the 19th, here came an email with my draft cover! I was dizzy by then at the speed of the process. I mean, how crazy fast was this? The cover was perfect and pretty accurately reflected what I wanted on it as well as the story- down to the mockingbird on the title. AND it has the amazing Jimmy Thomas on it. So handsome. Check it out!



  1. That is a GREAT cover. Kudos for getting Jimmy Thomas! And for being told very little editing was necessary. I love the title and am looking forward to the story coming out.

    • Thanks Laurie. I’m hoping the cover model will help sales, lol.


    • Oh yeah, he can’t help ramp up sales. This is my kind of hero look. Congrats on the book and the speed they are moving.

      • thanks Lavada. Now I’m worried about the book being good enough for the cover. LOL

      • From what I read of your work you can quit worrying. Jimmy Thomas fits right in with a romantic suspense.

      • Thanks Lavada. I need the vote of confidence. *smiles*


  2. Again, congratulations! Since I used to play with that title but did nothing with it,I am looking forward to your take on it.

  3. Wow! Your head must still be spinning. Congrats on the total success of this book so far. I can’t wait to read it!

    • Thanks Larynn. I now have the proofreader’s comments and she wasn’t as happy with it as I would have liked so I’m going to try to strengthen a couple of parts.


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