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Tuesday Tales – July 7, 2014- Summer

This week’s word is summer. I was afraid I wouldn’t get any writing done to participate this week but my arm finally got well enough for me to type a bit more than I’ve been able to since the accident.  I’m still working on the nameless contemporary. If you can think of a name, let me know. I need help!

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“Then hear this, David, Kat is not interested in you. She told me she’s to the point of never hanging with us again due to your inability to take a hint and leave her alone.” Philip stepped closer to David. “Hear this. We will not be very forgiving if we lose her friendship over your idiocy. We’ve all gone through what you’re feeling. Each one of us has wanted her but she’s not biting. Let it go.”

“I can’t. I think I’m the right man for her. I can break down those walls she’s built. I know I can.” David was almost pouting.

Paul thought it was pathetic to see and said, “Sounds to me like the guys have your best interests at heart, mate. You might want to listen to them. Wouldn’t be better to have the girl around as a friend than to be cut off from her?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe it would hurt less if I never saw her.” David turned and walked away, down the stairs and out of the bar.

Paul stepped over to the piano. “Time to channel some Billy Joel or Elton John, don’t you think?”

Sounds good,” Amos said and the men vacated the stage as Paul played a little riff to get the audience’s attention.

After another half hour of playing and trying to keep his mind on the act of entertaining the audience and not on the woman with the vivid blue eyes, Paul stood and announced to the audience that they set was over and he would be stepping down. He invited the crowd to stay to listen to the next act.

As he stepped off the stage, a group of young men took his spot and tuned their instruments while a couple of Amos’ employees moved Paul’s guitars out of the way. Paul worked his way through a crowd of women at the foot of the steps, shaking hands as he went. Eventually, he made it to the table where Johnny sat with Kat and Philip minus Amos as he was at the bar working and minus David.

Paul pulled out a chair, flipped it backwards and straddled it. “I guess David didn’t get over being cheesed off. I see he’s gone missing from the group.”

“He was sure in a snit when he left but that’s okay. Who needs a party-pooper anyway?”  Philip said.

“He’s been a problem since the summer. I wish he would go back to how he used to be. I can hardly stand to be around him.” Kat pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

“Hopefully, he’ll come around soon.” Johnny patted Kat’s hand.

“I sure hope so.”


  1. Hmm … is he really going to push a good friendship? I like this story.

    • Good question, Iris. Lol – glad you’re liking it.


  2. I`m wondering the same thing Iris is. Nicely done excerpt!

    • Thanks Vicki. I’m glad you’re wondering. Lol


  3. Interesting dynamics among these friends. Can’t wait to see how it plays out!

    • Thanks Flossie. Me, too; LOL!

  4. Someone is stubborn…very interesting to see. Love the interplay between the friends. Can’t wait for more!

    • Thanks Sarah. Stubborn ain’t the half of it. LOL!

  5. Loved the scene and the interactions between the friends. Curious as to if he’ll listen to his friends or not.
    Billy Joel! Now I’m in the mood for a little Billy Joel.

    • Thanks Trisha. I’m thinking he won’t listen. Lol. And we gotta love Billy.


  6. Hmm. Interesting. Great dialogue and just enough description to get your point across. Good job. And I’m wondering how far he’ll push for that relationship…

    • Thanks Tabs. I always have to go back and layer description later. It’s my least favorite thing. Lol. I’m very Hemingway with descriptions. Lol


  7. Nice banter. I’m always amazed how well women write about men, but it is seldom the other way around.

    • Thanks Morgan. You’re right. It does seem as if men have a harder time writing women than women do with me. I spent most of my life with male pals so I am lucky there as it helps me.

  8. Hmm, breaking her walls down, sounds like he may accidentally hurt her emotionally.

    • ah yea, Stefan. This guy is going to make a mess of things

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