Posted by: Author | July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love the flower arrangement.

    • Thanks Laurie. It was on the table with the dinner table assignments at my son’s wedding.

  2. Gorgeous. This is book cover-worthy…and if it were a greeting card,I buy it ! I love ‘suitcase’ storage; I have boxes much like them in my house in my house.
    Wonderful job!

    • I can’t take any credit for it. It was my son’s idea. I love those boxes, too.

  3. Oooh, book cover worthy. I like that, Tonette!

  4. Book cover worthy…. I like it too. This is really a beautiful picture. You could sell it. In fact you could sell pictures as you have so many beautiful and interesting ones. Have you checked into istock or one of the others?

    • Funny you ask that, Lavada. My son puts some of his up – he doesn’t sell them- he lets people use them under creative commons license. I’ve always admired his photography and never thought of putting my own up. LOL

      • Your photo’s are beautiful and so many are… well wordless as they tell a story. Another place to get your name out there and promotion that is easier or would be for me.

      • It’s a great idea. I’m going to check into it. THANKS!

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