Posted by: Author | July 18, 2014

Friday Facts- July 18, 2014- Wienermobile

This week, here in lovely Pensacola, the Wienermobile from Oscar Mayer was parked on a downtown street. This led me to wonder when the first such automobile took to the roads of America.  I was surprised to see that it was actually in 1936. Yep! 1936- I mean, really, that long ago?

It was created by Oscar’s nephew, Carl Mayer to use for advertising purposes. The drivers have their own name- Hotdoggers- which cracks me up because when I think of hotdoggers, I think of dare devil kind of drivers- show offs, if you will. I don’t think you could pop a wheelie with one of this puppies, could you?

The drivers  hand out Wienerwhistles shaped like the weinermobile. I had one of these whistles as a kid. I don’t eat hot dogs but I love the look and idea of this vehicle.  A very clever AND long-lasting marketing ploy.

Weinermobile on Palafox Street, Pensacola, Fl

Weinermobile on Palafox Street, Pensacola, Fl


  1. I’ve never seen one only in pictures. Yep quite the marketing tool. It for sure got the name out there.

    • It’s awesome to see it in person AND it’s for sure a good way to get their name out there

  2. Wow. It looks pretty good for being built in 1936. hahaha. We got to see the Weinermobile once. Pretty cool! And it sure made us smile.

    • LOL! It’s not the original one. They have had some changes over the years- better engines for one thing. LOL One is actually in the Ford Museum, I think I read.

  3. Hotdoggers!

  4. Wow! 1936! I would have thought the late 50’s. Boy, was I way off.

    • Me, too. I was thinking 1950s as well, Trisha.


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