Posted by: Author | July 19, 2014

New Release- Flight Risk

Flight Risk, my 1950s set sweet romance came out yesterday and is available at Sweet Cravings Publishing. 




Vivian Bowker swore off men when her last love, an amateur pilot, was killed on his first solo flight. She lives near Edwards Air Force base in California but avoids all contact with the flyboys stationed there. Working as a campaign aide in Dwight Eisenhower’s reelection campaign forces her into close proximity with one of the very type men she likes to avoid. A hot shot pilot with no fear.

Frederick Logan, known as Rick to his pals, is determined to go to into space. His life goal is to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. He joined the Air Force for that chance. When he meets Vivian, he’s attracted to her and hopes they can form a relationship. She pushes him away but soon, their fragile friendship forces them to confront certain issues. She must face her fears and he must face that he could lose his dream.



  1. Love that cover! My list is growing!

    • Thanks Larynn. I have a good friend who is a title queen. I sent her the synopsis and she sent me like 72 choices. Lol.


  2. Another great cover. I love the era this book is in.

    • Thanks Lavada. My fav cover artist, Dawne Dominique at work again! I love the romanticism of the 1950s. Seems to me a era of calm -even though the Korean War was on- as it was after WWII but before the craziness of the 60s when the sexual revolution changed a lot of things about our culture. Of course, I wasn’t alive so I do have rose colored glasses. Lol.


  3. That cover is both evocative and poignant. Very well done! Congrats on the new release.

    • Thanks Laurie. I think she did a great job on the cover, she says I always challenge her but she always nails it.


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