Posted by: Author | August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday




  1. Donny hasn’t aged well but Marie looks good! LOL.They look like fun people, but if your castle is built on donuts, I guess you should be happy!

  2. Donuts and I’m on my first cup of coffee and just got off the scale so doesn’t look so good. This is an oldie,

    • Yep. It’s an oldie. I was trying to get several posts to set off while I was gone and scraped the barrel for this. Lol


  3. Does it count if I comment on a Wednesday pic on Friday? Wow. Guess I’ve been busy. Okay, this isn’t really supposed to be Donny and Marie, is it? 🙂

    • No it’s not Donny and Marie. It is a donut place in calif and that is the owners. Lol. Just landed in pensacola! Waiting for bags! Am pooped.


      • Wow. Welcome home. I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow, er, today…

      • Amen. We landed 15 mins early and have now waited almost 30 on bags. They must be on break. Grr. My body feels like it’s 5:30 am


      • Ouch. I bet it does. Hope you get bags soon.

      • Got them. Heading home. Yay!


      • Sleep well, my friend.

      • Thanks. Was up every 2 hours but still it was a bed and it was my bed. Lol


  4. Welcome home. Can’t wait for some pics.

    • Thanks Lavada. I got some great ones!


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