Posted by: Author | August 22, 2014

Friday Facts- August 22, 2014- USS Oriskany

3950473777_00886b50cd_bThe USS Oriskany was an aircraft carrier used by the United States in the Korean War as well as the Vietnam War. It had exemplary service and even won a number of battle stars. After a long life of service to her country she was retired and brought to my home town, Pensacola to be sunk as a diving site.

She lies now over 200 feet under the surface and serves as an awesome place for divers to explore. There are a lot of fish and other marine life out there and some photos from the dive area are really spectacular. Check out the 2 min video here.  How cool is that?

As most of you know, I’m claustrophobic and I once had a total panic attack doing scuba so I don’t do that anymore but I sure can live vicariously through the films and videos.


  1. I’m claustrophic too. I found out as a child when our class went on a train trip. The train seemed so narrow and squinched to me. Interesting post.

    • claustrophobic lol

    • I feel your pain! Trains can do that to me too. Especially if too crowded


  2. Wow, a very interesting video. Great FF.

    • Thanks Lavada. It’s very popular here


  3. Okay, I’m going to take a chance and comment, praying you are already fast asleep. I know you just got home. 🙂 I used to scuba dive, when I was much, much younger. It’s funny that I didn’t feel claustrophobic with that, because I do suffer from claustrophobia. However, the deepest dive I ever did was 105 feet. Not sure I could have done 200 feet, even back then.

    • Awesome. Glad it didn’t make you claustrophobic. It was all the darkness pressing in on me that made me crazy. And yeah, I’d been in bed about 6 mins when you posted this. Lol


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