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Tuesday Tales- October 14, 2014- Letter

Here we are, another Tuesday, another Tale. The word prompt this week is letter. I was going to do something really cool and use letter of the law ( I am a lawyer, after all) but I just couldn’t work it in like I wanted even though I had my characters talk about the law. This is all I could do to work in the word letter.

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Kat ended the call and shoved the phone into her purse so hard she almost ripped the lining.

“Friend of yours?” Paul looked over and quirked his brows.

“Very funny. It was David. He accused me of running over his foot. He followed me when I left Amos’. When he knocked on the window of my car, I took off and it seems I may have broken his toes.”

“Do you really believe that load of rot?”

“Sounds feasible to me.”

Paul backed out of the parking space. “Do me a favor and call the hospital—better yet—call one of your mates who David would let know if he was having some medical issue. I think you’ll find the man is a liar.”

“You really think so?”

“I do but you know what really concerns me?”

“What’s that?” Kat leaned on one hip and watched Paul’s profile as he drove toward the restaurant and her car.

“He’s at your house and from what I could hear on this end, he’s not leaving. Do you have somewhere you can stay until you can take legal action to keep him away?”

“Legal action? Do you really think I need to go that far?”

“I do. He’s a walking disaster. I’d call him the British word that I really think he is but it’s not fit for your ears.”

“My ears are hardly virginal.”

“Never mind that. What about my question? Do you have a place you could stay?”

“Not really. I moved here a few years ago and have only made male friends who live bachelor lifestyles. I imagine most of them wouldn’t want me in their space. Obviously, I could go to a hotel but I really don’t want to leave my home. If I do that, he wins.”

“If he breaks in and harms you, he wins.” They arrived at the Wok and Roll parking area. Paul pulled his car next to hers. “We have plenty of room. Come stay with us. I’ll follow you home for you to pack some items.”

“No.” Kat shook her head. She wasn’t going to be a victim again. Not happening. “I’m going home and am going to sleep in my own bed.”

Paul reached across and took her hands in his. “Not to be flip, but I don’t think writing the man a letter of resignation as his friend is going to be the way to go. I believe you can’t merely brush off his behavior. He seems obsessed and people like that are dangerous and unpredictable.”

“I have a gun and I know karate. I’ll be fine.”

“Listen to me. Please. You may be able to defend yourself but how will you live with it if you have to kill someone to protect yourself? That’s a hard thing to get over.”

“How do you know that?”

“A family member. Not me but someone close to me.”

“If I don’t stand up for myself, I lose all respect and I can’t allow that.”

“Lose whose respect?”

“My own.”


  1. I don’t come in and read these nearly enough.You are always interesting. I’ll go check out the others as well.(It’s a very rainy day,I have caramel truffle coffee and low-carb cookies…I’m set here for a while!)

    • Ooh, pass the coffee. Sounds great! Thanks for the compliment

  2. Love this, her strength and refusing to be intimidated. And Wok and Roll? Brilliant! Nice touch of humor to balance the tension in this scene. Well done!

    • Thanks Jean! I love my restaurant name! Lol


  3. I love that she is strong…but I hope she’s able to see reason. I’m worried for her too!

    • Thanks Sarah. She’s pretty darned headstrong.

  4. I have to say I’m worried about her myself. Well done!

    • Thanks Vicki.


  5. Great dialogue. I like her stance on this, shows lots of character. Well done!

    • thanks Iris. I appreciate the compliment.

  6. I agree, but guess she’s going to learn the hard way. I hope she doesn’t get hurt. Coming from the UK as I do, thinking of everyone ‘running around on the streets’ carrying gums is so spooky! But a friend on your side of the pond feels that not being able to freely carry guns much be very frightening 🙂

    • It’s a different world over here when you never know of someone is armed but most of us keep them in the house in case of a home invasion, not on our hips or in our purse. Lol. Knives scare me more as they don’t have to be licensed and can hide in a much smaller space.


  7. Very well done, I can feel her anxiety while reassuring Paul she’s okay.

    • Thanks Morgan. I appreciate it


  8. Great snippet! Good dialogue and action between the characters.
    (I enjoyed seeing the review for Carver’s Fall too. Another book added to my wish list.)

    • Thanks Trisha. And thanks for adding Carver to your TBR list. Mine is as tall as me. Lol


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