Posted by: Author | October 17, 2014

Friday Facts, October 17, 2014- Happy Birthday, Oscar Wilde

oscarwildeOne of my absolute favorite writers ever was born October 16, 1854 and died much too soon (age 46) in November, 1900. Yesterday was the 160th anniversary of his death. Imagine what he could’ve done had he lived longer? He was so witty and his books and plays were delightful. I wish we had more. Everyone has heard of The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest but have you read Lady Windermere’s Fan? It’s a super neat short story/play. I also love An Ideal Husband and recommend A Woman of No Importance.

I just adore his twists in his work as well as the repartee between the characters. He’s so amusing and his voice is fresh even compared to today’s writings. To me, that’s the mark of genius for sure.

If you’ve never read Oscar, you’re missing out.

I wanted to see his grave in Paris when we went but we never even found the cemetery, much less his gravesite.  – Oscar died in Paris of meningitis after ear surgery. Gone too soon.


  1. I agree; I love his work. One of my favorite books is a volume of his complete works that my husband gave to me. I’m thnning out my book hoard, but he won’t go!

    • That would def be a keeper book.


  2. A name that everyone knows. I hadn’t realized he died so young.

    • He did. So sad because I’m sure there were other great works in his head we didn’t get to read and he didn’t get to share.

  3. Hard to believe he passed so young.

    • He def wrote a lot before he left. More than some who lived a lot longer.


  4. Yes, gone too soon, and painfully, it sounds like. Sigh. I’ve only read Dorian Gray. I really should read more for recreation. Trying to figure out how to carve out that time. Lol.

    • Amen for that carving out. Tell me how. lol

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