Posted by: Author | October 19, 2014

New Review- Carver’s Fall- Five Stars!

CarversFall_MEDThis is my fall story I wrote last year about a small town fall festival in the 1920s. I based the story in the town where my parents grew up and named the main characters after my great-grandparents. I cheated a little on the dates since they would’ve been older in the 1920s than I have them in the story. Here’s the review:

“Carver’s Fall takes you back into the world of small town America in the 1920’s. I love the language and the atmosphere created by Ms. Chantal. But what I loved most of all were the sweet characters. Carver Fowler and Mallie Phillips were like real people to me. Perhaps because the author took the names of her distant relatives. I felt like I knew them and was drawn into their world.
The language is evocative and descriptive. I could see Mallie’s dresses. The mystery kept me turning the pages to find the culprit. My only complaint was that the story ended too soon. I was sucked in and put down other books to finish this one. Bravo, Ms. Chantal. You’ve created a delightful historical slice-of-life.”


  1. I love that she put down other books to finish this one. Another very well-deserved review, Jillian. Congrats!

    • Me, too Laurie! Made my day!!

  2. I love this era and there aren’t a lot of stories set in this time period. Great reveiw.

    • thanks Lavada. My great grandparents were born in the late 1800s and I adjusted the date to later since I wanted him to have that Model T that he loved in real life- Carver Fowler loved his Model T and never liked driving any other car. They both lived very long lives with Carver dying in the 1970s and Mallie in the 1980s- I was blessed to know them both.

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