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Tuesday Tales- December 2, 2014- Raid

This week’s word is raid. This one was fun since there are so many ways to use the word raid such as panty raid (as in the old days at camp) or roach spray (to use a brand name) or even as in the law enforcement sense (raid a speakeasy, so to speak) but I used it in a way that tempts me on occasion. Keep reading to see how. LOL

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Mattie strolled around the room checking out even the people on the dance floor in case her dad was out there. How hard should it be to find one man in a wheelchair? She didn’t see him but made her way to the refreshment area and got some of that hot chocolate she’d been craving. Wishing she could soak in it and get warm, Mattie settled for sipping the steamy beverage instead.

While blowing on it for a moment to cool it off, she spied the heart-shaped sugar cookies with red icing. Wanting nothing more than to raid the stash, Mattie chose instead to head to the vegetable tray. Eating too many cookies lately was wreaking havoc with the fit of her clothes.

Crunching on a bit of celery, Mattie’s eyes kept scanning the area for her father. Finally, blessedly, she saw him across the room talking to the one of the elderly twins who ran the local Laundromat. It was hard for her to remember which was which. They were both tiny little ladies who had their hair colored with a pale blue wash. For as long as she’d known them, they’d been widowed and inseparable.

Grabbing another strip of the celery and setting down her cup, Mattie headed toward her dad and the twin. She was going to find out when he knew about Kevin’s canceled wedding and why he didn’t tell her. She was even more curious why her father hadn’t said anything since she’d been home and even when they had the conversation earlier.

Before she could reach him, her brother arrived at her side and took hold of her elbow. “I see you have murder in your eyes as you glare at Dad. Or are you mad at Miss Addie?”


  1. Jillian !!!!!!!
    What did he say? About the wedding? was that it?
    Loved her brother’s comment about murder.
    Oh, right, well done on “raid”. I thought of using it as a bug spray but wasn’t sure whether it’s only a aussie thing. 🙂

    • Lol Iris. You crack me up. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, he didn’t get married. And yep, we have raid bug spray here, too.


  2. Uh oh. Dad’s gonna get it. Now I have to know what he did. You keep me coming back, teasing me. I want to know more and hope this will be a book so I can read it all at once. Love the snow effect here. It’s fabulous!

    • Thanks Jean. I’m hoping to submit this one to SCP this week or by the weekend. I love that I’m intriguing you and Iris.


  3. Nothing wrong with raiding the cookie stash now and then, especially if they have red icing. I really like this scene. Her brother seems to know her so well too. I like that closeness.

    • Thanks Flossie. I love cookies so I do need to rein myself in but I love that characters can indulge. Lol


  4. Great scene! I am known to raid the cookie stash on occasion as well!

    • A girl after my own heart, Vicki.


  5. Great scene! I loved how you used the prompt. And the description of the widowed twins – excellent!

    • thanks Tricia. You might get a kick out of the next lines then:
      “How can you tell the difference in the twins?”
      “Changing the subject?”
      “Not really. I want to know. They look the same to me.”
      “Addie parts her hair on the right and Madeline doesn’t part hers at all. It’s like a big blue puff of cotton candy floating on her head.”
      “Did you have to say that when I’m resisting the sweets?” Mattie held up the remainder of her celery.

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