Posted by: Author | January 9, 2015

Friday Facts- January 9, 2015- Happy Birthday, Elvis

Yesterday would’ve been Elvis’ 80th birthday. I thought I’d share a great song of his that I love- since I write romance, this is a great song to like. Check out Such a Night here

I have two personal connections to the King of Rock and Roll. My great aunt and uncle knew the Presleys when they lived in Tupelo and my great aunt even changed his diaper.

Sam Phillips (also a January baby- born on the 5th) who owned Sun Records is a cousin. His grandfather and my great-grandmother were brother and sister, so he was first cousin to my grandfather.


  1. I don’t care how old or young you are Elvis was Elvis. So funny how he spanned generation. My daughter is as enamored of him as I was. Not so sure about the granddaughter. I saw ET last night where they gave him a birthday tribute.

    Enjoyed the song. But gosh 80. It can’t be that long.

    • Yep. He definitely was one of a kind. We all love him in my family. AND yeah, 80! Wow. Crazy, huh?

  2. Like Lavada said,he spanned generations. Centuries, even, with his music.

    • For sure. Love the centuries comment. True.


  3. I did one for Elvis’ birthday too–the King!

    • Awesome, Flossie. Love me some King.


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