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Tuesday Tales- January 13, 2015 – Picture Prompt

This week we have a picture prompt and it has actually served as the inspiration for this new story that I posted the beginning of last week. This week’s snippet picks up where last week leaves off which I don’t do often as I like to leave a lot out- one particular reader will like that I didn’t skip anything (Iris- lol). These posts are limited to 300 words each. Here’s the picture and be sure not to miss the other stories here.

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10480146_10204202720487026_9122420548958043114_nLanett held her glass aloft anyway and before she could stop herself, the words slipped out, “I just can’t help but think about the night three years ago when we were toasting your wedding as your bridesmaids. You were so happy–“

Before she could finish the sentence, the other three woman clinked their glasses together. Amanda hit hers so hard against Lanett’s that the glass in Lanett’s hand shattered, spilling champagne on her suit and cutting her hand.

Flinging the remnants of the glass to the floor, Lanett jumped from her bar stool and grabbing her purse from where she’d set hung it on the back of the seat, shoved the strap over her shoulder and stalked toward the ladies room to tend to her hand.

Once she was in the empty restroom, Lanett took several paper towels and wiped the blood from her hand to see how bad the cut was. It was difficult to see it since the blood kept flowing. Turning on the warm water and bracing herself against the sting she knew would come as soon as she dunked her hand, Lanett took the plunge, sucking in a deep breath as she did so.

There was still some glass embedded in the flesh. Lanett gritted her teeth and leaned over to try to get it out. The big piece came easily but there were still splinters that hurt and seemed to go deeper the more she attempted to remove them. “Great. Now I have to spend the rest of this lousy night at the emergency room. Just peachy.”

“Are you okay?” Marcia came in and asked as the door shut behind her.


  1. Yikes, what a way to end a rotten evening! Great description.

    • Thanks Flossie. It ain’t over yet. Lol


  2. No … she’s not okay! Great snippet … now I’ve gotta go back and read last week’s post considering you didn’t leave a gap just for me 🙂 ❤

    • Lol Iris. I thought you might like I didn’t leave a gap. Lol


  3. Ouch! Great description. I was flinching as she prepared to dunk her hand under the water. Well done. I was feeling her pain.

    • Thanks. Been there, too. Lol. I was flinching as I wrote it. Lol


  4. Great description, I was right there with her. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    • Thanks Carolyn!

  5. Owie! I could feel her pain. Well done!

    • Thanks Vicki.


  6. A very different twist then I had originally anticipated when I started reading. But I must say, I like it. Well…not her pain…

    • Thanks Karen. I don’t like her pain either but it had to be done. Lol


  7. Great use of the prompt.

    • thanks Morgan!

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