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Tuesday Tales- January 20, 2015- Ruthless

Today’s word is ruthless. I am still woking on the new story taking place in the bar where the heroine cut her hand. She is now being treated by the bar owner’s brother, a doctor. Be sure to read the other tales of the week here. 

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“How does a champagne flute break in one’s hand?” The wrapping was off and Ian’s gentle touch on her hand sent a shiver up Lanett’s spine. He looked her in the eye. “Was it a flute or one of the round ones on a stem? If the stem snapped, it wouldn’t shatter glass like this so I’m thinking it was a flute?”

“Yes. It shattered in my hand.”

“I don’t see how that could happen without a lot of force.”

“Hey, mate, how it happened doesn’t matter to your medical care of this lady, it only matters for my report,” Simon said.

“It does matter. Despite what bar owners want, doctors always take a medical history of their patients.” He turned back to Lanett. “What happened? Was there great force?”

“It sure was. I was supposed to be drinking a toast to celebrate my friend’s divorce but—”

“You celebrate divorce?” Ian looked horrified.

“Well, no, not normally and that’s really where it went wrong.”

“What’s that, love?” Simon asked as he wrote on something on the desk that Lanett presumed was the incident report.

“I reminded my friend Amanda of how happy she was when she got married and how we bridesmaids saluted her with champagne then. It seems that didn’t sit well and she crashed her glass into mine.”

“She sounds like a charming lady,” Ian said.

“More like ruthless, you ask me,” Simon said.

Ian nodded over at his brother. “Hand me my medical bag.”

“Do you doctors still really carry those?” Lanett asked. He still held her hand and she realized she could sit there the rest of her life with her hand in his and be content. It was a shock since she’d just met the man and didn’t usually react that way to anyone.


  1. Great Scene!! Too bad Amanda wasn’t injured

    • thanks Kathleen and you’re right. Amanda needed some damage. LOL

  2. Love it, especially the last line. I could feel the contentment she had in the moment.

    • aww. Thanks, Flossie. That means a lot.

  3. Aww, love the dialogue … the tit for tat …. and no big gap for me 🙂

    • Glad you liked it, Iris. And yep, very next scene. Lol


  4. Wonderful scene filled with great dialog!

    • Thanks Vicki.


  5. Oh a doctor with a bedside manner you want to enjoy…Love that she was content just holding his hand.

    • LOL- yeah, they are few and far between, aren’t they, Sarah. LOL

    • Me, too Sarah. He is the kind of doc I want to see.

  6. Lovely scene. I like that he’s taking care of her. Remind me not to have champagne with the heroine’s friend, will you? Nicely done. Especially the last part about staying holding hands forever.

    • Thanks Jean. I won’t be having champagne with Amanda either. Lol.


  7. Fantastic dialogue. I loved this scene.

    • Thanks Karen!

    • Thanks Karen.

  8. I walked in in the middle of a the scene. Are they sitting in the bar or what? I’m going to look at those flutes differently too.

    • In the manager’s office.

  9. Great snippet. I love where the story’s going.

    • Thanks Trisha.

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