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Tuesday Tales – January 27, 2015- Stutter

This week’s word is stutter and I feel like I’ve used it as a cliche. Oh well, you’ll just have to deal with it. LOL. I wanted to be clever but there really wasn’t a way to do that this time. So, here’s what I have. Be sure to check out the other tales here. 


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“Nothing wrong with the clientele, Ian. This is the first issue we’ve ever had. Some of those blokes out there may look rough and scare you since you’re from the upper crust of British society, but most of them are hard workers who are only looking for a beer and a game of pool after a day earning wages. I think if you gave them a chance, you’d find they are a bit of all right.”

“So just the divorced women are an issue?” Ian glanced down at the ledger in front of him. A bit embarrassed by being called out for being a snob, he didn’t know how to apologize to Simon.

“It would appear so. I’m not familiar with the wounded woman. It must be her first time in. Two of the others at her table, I did recognize. I didn’t see the actual incident but if I had to bet, I’d bet on the one with the blonde hair. She’s a troublemaker.” Simon took the seat opposite Ian and ran his hands over the surface of the battered desk.

“Can’t you ban people like that? Is there a law here that lets you?”

“Sure I can decide to tell someone they aren’t welcome on the premises but why toss out a paying customer?”

“I thought you said she was trouble.”

“I didn’t stutter, mate, the woman has some problems but she’s in here a lot and always buys nice wines and champagnes—by the bottle at that—and you know the markup on those, right?”

“No, I’m afraid my knowledge doesn’t extend to wholesale wine prices.”

Simon stood, leaned over the desk and poked at a line on the ledger. “See that entry there?”

“Yeah. What about it?”

“That’s for a case of Merlot. Twelve bottles in a case. Do the math and see how much per bottle. Not all that much, huh?”

“Okay. I see. And this shows me what?” Ian jotted some notes on his pad.

“Now check this out.” Simon shuffled his hand around on the desktop. Finding what he sought, he handed the paper to his brother. “This is what a glass costs and this is what the bottle sells for at retail.”

“Wow. That’s some kind of markup.” Ian looked across the desk at Simon. “How do you live with yourself?”


  1. I’ve never heard stutter in that context, so that was interesting … the whole dialogue was good … although I’m a bit pissed off at how much I get ripped off by buying a glass of wine at the pub ….. 😦 LOL …
    Great snippet, Jillian.

    • Glad it wasn’t a cliche for you, Iris. Lol. And yeah, liquor at the pub versus the grocery store is crazy expensive, isn’t it?

  2. Great scene–layered and well done. Excellent dialogue. Yeh, that markup–whew.

    • Thanks Flossie. And yeah, markup! Wow. Did you know the mark up on furniture is like 400% ? I have a friend who used to own a furniture store tell me that.

  3. I don’t think it was cliche at all. Great scene and I agree with Flossieon the dialogue.

    • Thanks Mary. Maybe it’s just because a lot of people I know say it that way that made me think it was cliche. Lol. Thanks re: dialogue.


  4. LOL. Markups are horrible on some things. I’ve worked in retail, I’m all too familiar. Love the natural flow of conversation.

    • Markups are def. too much in a lot of places. Thanks re: dialogue.

  5. Wonderful dialog!

    • Thanks Vicki

  6. Here, here!! The outrageous mark-up on wine — I am so with you on that. I have started having my wine at home. Geez, love the swipe you took with that one and that the blonde is trouble, but a good customer. Love this story.

    • It’s crazy what they charge for wine out in the bars, isn’t it? I drink at home, too when I have it. Thanks re:story.


  7. Great scene! The dialog was terrific, including your use of the prompt. Great way to bring in the character aspects, along with the realistic business conversation.

    • Thanks Trisha. I appreciate the kind words.


  8. Great excerpt and how you showed us the wine cost education as per telling it.Yep, I always knew about the wine markup and it’s hard for my husband to order a bottle unless I decide the markup is under 75%.

    • Lol. I love that about your husband, Morgan.


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