Posted by: Author | January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday



  1. I like the attitude! (SURELY this isn’t in your neck of the woods.Not mine, either.)

    • Daughter-in-law in providence RI.


  2. I hope they didn’t get hit hard. From what I saw, it went more north (Boston and New England states), right?

    • It was up to her mid thigh at noon yesterday and she’s 4’11” and up to his mid calf and he’s 6’1″. And it snowed more after that. They are inland so no flooding. And they kept power.


    • They are only 40 miles from Boston.


  3. Oooh, I didn’t realize they were so close. Yuch. Well, at least they didn’t lose power.

    • Yep. Providence Rhode Island is that close. My DIL used to work there and ride train every day.


  4. Yikes. I had forgotten your kids were so close to Boston. We watched the news from a very sunny Presidential beach front suite in Cancun. Made it pretty surreal. Back home now though and it’s a sunny 45 but feels good.

    • Oooh, nice, Cancun!! How fun!! AND welcome home to the cool Pacific NW (big changes).

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