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Tuesday Tales- February 3, 2015- Ring

The word of the week is RING. I have to confess that I took this straight from real life from when I was recently on a business trip with another lawyer. Sadly, I had to spend way too much time with that person and her phone. As you read on, you’ll see why I was gritting my teeth. LOL  – Be sure to visit the other folks here to read some awesome stories.

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The day of her visit to Ian’s office finally arrived. A little concerned how he would see her when she saw him again, Lanett dressed with care in one of her favorite dresses. She’d found it at a little boutique in the South Village near Bleeker Street. The tiny flowers covering the fabric of the loose-fitting dress made her smile. She’d paid too much for the thing but fell so completely in love with it that she couldn’t leave it in the store. Her mid-calf length black boots completed the outfit.

Tugging on a jacket to keep herself warm on the cold day, Lanett left her apartment and headed toward the subway. The weather was brisker than the weatherman reported so she increased her pace. Her hair whipped around her face and she knew all the care she’d taken to look good for the handsome doctor just went out on that breeze. Oh well, looks weren’t supposed to matter anyway, were they?

She needed to refocus her energies on getting her stitches out and being able to work at full strength again. The man was not going to be interested in her in any way. Lanett was sure all hope of that went out the door—no matter how nice he was about the cab—when her friend—well, former friend now—showed the whole bar her bad behavior. Lanett was guilty by association.

Inserting her subway card in the slot, Lanett made her way through the turnstile just as the train she needed to be on pulled in. She dashed toward the open doors and leapt on right in time to grab an empty seat before the doors closed.

The subway ride was uneventful except for one woman whose phone kept going off. The ring tone played, “This girl is on fire” and every time she hung up from one call, another one came in. After a few minutes of that, Lanett was to the point of wanting to start a fire herself.

Finally, blessedly, the car arrived at Lanett’s stop and she could leave the hot woman behind, hopefully never to be seen or heard again. Taking a long look at the chick so she would remember her, Lanett exited the train.


  1. Hahaha, I never even thought about “that ring” … nicely done … and nice descriptions today … and don’t get me started on phones ringing in public places 😦

    • Thanks Iris. I thought I was too clever here. Lol. And I agree on those public ringings.


  2. I cringe when the phone rings when I’m out in public. Love the scene. This is a part of every day life on the train, bus or even sitting down eating a meal. Nicely done.

    • Amen, Karen, on the every day life. No peace at all anymore, even in nice restaurants.

  3. LOL. Oh my goodness how annoying. I hate when that happens.

    Wonderful scene, and I’m anxious to see what happens next…especially since you made a point that the hot woman was to be remembered…something tells me we’re going to see her again.

    • Thanks Sarah. It’s going to get interesting. Lol


  4. Very nice description. I hate it when phones ring too. Remember in NYC there’s no cell service in the subway except around 42nd Street. It’s new, they just wired the tunnels. You may want to add something about the train approaching 42nd and the woman’s phone going off after having peace and quiet.

    • Yeah, I thought about that when I got it done. I haven’t been to NYC with my new phone so I wasn’t sure about the technology down there yet. Thanks. I appreciate the news that it works there. I’ll add it.


  5. Great use of the word prompt! You had me laughing because I hate that stuff, too. Looking forward to more in this story.

    • Thanks Jean. Glad it made you giggle. I had to use it. Lol


  6. Oh yes those darn phones! You can`t go anywhere and not hear them going off.

    • amen, Vicki! Annoying little buggers! LOL

  7. I love everything from the little flowers on her dress to the card needed to get on the train- amazing detail

    • Thanks Kathleen. I tried! *smiles*

  8. Oh my gosh, that would be so nerve wracking. Nice scene!

    • Thanks Flossie. And the one in real life was. I can attest. Lol

  9. I think I want her outfit. It sounds so cute. Nice twist on the theme word.

    • Thanks joselyn. I think I want it too. Lol

  10. My money is on the hit woman showing up again. I’d be annoyed too at the constant calls.

    • Thanks Morgan. I’m going to have to juggle women in this story. Lol


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