Posted by: Author | March 27, 2015

Friday Facts- March 27, 2015- Quoits

I started writing a new novella this week called Milady and Her Spy. It’s a Regency set story and the heroine is not quite what a normal young lady of this era would be like. Her mother died when she was four and she has three older brothers so she came up in a household with very little feminine influence. She likes horse racing, card playing and quoits.

You might now be asking, “What’s quoits, Jillian?”

Quoits is the predecessor to horseshoes. It was devised in ancient Greece and was played with a discus. The poorer citizens who couldn’t afford the discus started making their own by bending horseshoes into circles. It was initially played by tossing these and seeing who could get the furthest but eventually, the wooden stake or metal pin was added as something to aim for.

When the stake part of the game was devised, the shape of the quoit from a full circle was changed to an open form like we have with the game of horseshoes today. Ringtoss also was devised from this game.

For more info on the modern version of Quoits, click here.


  1. Very cool! (On the horseshoe predecessor and the new story. The heroine sounds fun.) Have an AWESOME weekend!

    • thanks Laurie! You have a superb one, too!!

  2. Having some trouble with internet this morning. I’m not sure if it’s the ISp or computer so switched computer’s.

    Interesting fact. Research is a side benefit to writing that I didn’t see coming. I love what I learn and how easy it is to do online. I’d hate to have to spend the time at the library to ferret it out.

    • Oh yeah, This research thing would be MUCH harder at the library- and more time consuming – I DO sometimes miss that digging around aspect of it, though. AND I love to learn things so I’m all about the research.

      Good luck with you internet. Nothing worse than wanting to surf the net and not be allowed to. LOL

    • Oh, and I was writing on this story at lunch and here is a sentence from that session: “I’ve been on the receiving end of that on more than one occasion at the races when she’s ferreted out some factor about a pony’s abilities from one of the trainers and adjusted her bet to win big.”

      How is that for cool? We’re both ferreting. LOL

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