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Tuesday Tales – March 31, 2015- Mug

For this week, we are using the word mug and I sure wanted to use it in this way, “You and your ugly mug…” but alas, I couldn’t work it in. I went a little more traditional instead. Hope you like it. I am continuing Lanett’s story this week.

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“The good news is maybe our least favorite people will leave. If I know Amanda, she won’t want to be out of her own bed if there’s a blizzard.” Lanett cast her eyes around the bar and noted how many people had ready left, including, it seemed, some of the staff. “I think Simon may need that help already.” She stood.

Ian rose from his barstool as well. “Do you know how to mix drinks?”

“I can make a few but I really excel at uncapping beers.”

“Useful skill to have.” Ian led the way to the bar, lifted the gate and let Lanett pass him into the area.

“Thanks for coming to the rescue, love.” Simon stepped over and handed Lanett a clean apron. “Put this on. No need to ruin your dress.”

“Don’t you think these people will go home?” Ian asked as he tied a half-apron around his waist.

“Some will but the hard core ones won’t. A lot of the regulars live in walking distance and will stay here until  I shut it down then they will stagger home, maybe falling on their arses in a snow bank.”

“Maybe? More like will.” Ian laughed as a patron stepped forward to place an order for a round of beers for the men at his table.

Simon showed Lanett how to pour from the tap without forming a head on the ales. She was happy to learn the new skill. At least the whole night hadn’t been a waste of time. Who was she kidding? Any moment with Ian, even the scene a few moments ago was time worth spending.

When the tray of beers was ready to deliver, Ian started to pick it up but Simon raised his hand. “Let me do that, mate. No sense it wasting it all over the floor.”

Ian looked a little relieved that he wasn’t going to have to attempt to carry the full mugs across the bar but he said, “I could do it if I needed to, little brother.”

“You go on and keep deluding yourself there. A posh bloke like you would trip and fall in a second and then I’d be out the cost of the beer.”

“I’d prove to you that you’re wrong but I’d rather stay here with the lovely Lanett and let you do the leg work.”

“Isn’t that always the way? You always want to hang with the ladies.”

Ian winked at Lanett. “Nothing wrong with that.”


  1. Haha .. uncapping beer might be a useful skill to have. Great snippet.

    • It very well could be vital, Iris. Lol.


  2. A cute scene! Can’t wait to see what happens when the snow starts blowing. 🙂

    • Thanks Joselyn! Me, too. I’m a pantser and I have no idea. LOL

  3. Not a damn thing wrong hanging with this lady. Love this story! Great banter here.

    • Thanks Jean. I am liking these people pretty well myself. I want to hang out with them. LOL

  4. Such great banter! Not a thing wrong with hanging with the ladies. 😉

    • Thanks Vicki! And Ian agrees. LOL

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