Posted by: Author | August 5, 2015

Wordless Wednesday 



  1. Hobbes seems perfectly comfortable ANYWHERE!
    “What? Were you thinking of using the sink?”

    • He’s definitely a sink-sitter. He likes the one bathroom one the best.

  2. Okay, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into THIS time, Mr. Hobbes????? That looks like your guilty face. Lol.

    • That’s my sad face, Miss Laurie. Dad put a flea drop thing on my neck and I was not happy with that dude.

      • Oh, so the face is more of a, “Don’t tell me you have a new indignation planned?”

      • yep. exactly.

  3. Hobbes, you are growing up…. We had a cat that liked the bathroom sick. It was round. It was in the main bath, she never got in the master or the kitchen. She could sure surprise quests.

    • I am getting big- or at least that’s what the dad says. Personally, he’s been offending me lately comparing me to the office cat at Jillian’s office. AND then he insulted me more by putting on that flea stuff. Hobbes

    • And I DO Love me some sink time, Lavada. Hobbes

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