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Tuesday Tales – August 11, 2015- Picture Prompt

This week’s Tuesday Tales is a picture prompt. I am still barreling along in my regency story that seems to want to tell itself – except for telling me a title, that is!  Be sure to check out the other stories using the same picture here. 

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The morning of the ball, chaos reigned at the Staunton home. Archimedes dashed up and down the stairs each time one of the florists came in with another spray of roses. Amelia watched the cat running around when she was in the upper corridor. She couldn’t help herself. Almost as excited as the creature, Amelia kept finding herself wandering into the ballroom to see how the decoration was coming along.

The roses the duke chose for the large vases were variegated. Some pink, some white and some blending the two colors together. Amelia had never seen anything like them.

Drawn to the scent on what had to be her fifth trip into the room, she stood on tiptoe and pulled one bud toward her nose. Wanting to inhale deeply and make part of their magic hers, she didn’t hear anyone behind her and let out a little squeal when a warm hand touched her elbow.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” The duke said.

“It’s all right. I was admiring the flowers. So pretty.”

“Not as pretty as the freckles on your nose.” He reached out and touched the tip of her nose, then slid his palm gently down her left cheek.

His words warmed her. He was such a kind man. Of course, she didn’t believe her freckles she hated were nicer than the roses but she knew men sometimes flattered ladies with silly comparisons. “I hardly think so, sir.”

“Won’t you call me Basil? After all, I have proposed to you. Shouldn’t we be on a first name basis?”

“I have no issue with you calling me Amelia but we both know you proposed to me out of a sense of obligation.” She held up her hand. “Don’t say anything. You’re a man of integrity and don’t want scandal to touch me or your family because I’m living here. I want you to know you don’t have to sacrifice the freedom to choose your own bride because you did the honorable thing and rescued me.”


  1. Is she that blind to see how he feels? Love this story and the beautiful way it’s unfolding.

    • Thanks Jean. And yep, she is. Her history prevents her from thinking anyone even likes her, much less anything more. Thanks for calling it beautiful. I’m quite proud of this tale.


  2. How sweet that he loves her freckles. I think he’ll be very caring toward her. Wonderful scene! I look forward to this entire story.Plus, I am partial to the name Basil.

    • Thanks Flossie. I, too love the name Basil. I used to stay up late, late as a kid to watch Basil Rathbone in reruns of the old Sherlock Holmes movies. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about the story.

      • I love Basil Rathbone and the old Sherlock Holmes movies. He will always be my favorite Sherlock.

      • Mine, too. He’s Sherlock for sure for me. 🙂 I KNEW I liked you!!

  3. Lovely snippet … and apologies … I read Basil and had to think of FAWLTY TOWERS … so not appropriate … oops.

    • Lol Iris. Fawlty Towers is one of my absolute favorite shows. Man, it was awesome.


      • Good ole’ English humour 😉

      • Yep. We love it.


  4. Great snippet! You incorporated the prompt into the story so well I could almost smell the roses in the room myself.

    • Aww thanks Trisha! 🙂


  5. Wow, what a strong and independent lady she is.

    • Thanks Morgan

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