Posted by: Author | January 14, 2016

Goodbye, Mr. Rickman

I love Alan Rickman, as most of you know. I am heartbroken today at the news of his death. Here’s a video I love. RIP, dear man.



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  2. Sigh. This is as bad as, for me, when Leonard Nimoy passed away. Sending you hugs. Rest in peace, Alan…and Leonard, and David Bowie, and…okay, this is getting depressing.

    • Yeah. It’s bad. And 2016 seems full of death, doesn’t it? And Mr. Nimoy was an icon as well. Miss him, too.

  3. It’s hard to see so many of the greats leave us. And, Rickman was only 69. I knew Nimoy better as I was a big fan of Startrek.

    • Very sad when they go. At least we get to remember them with their body of work.

  4. Big sigh…I am sorry I did not see this until now…or maybe it’s just as well. I am truly saddened.

    • Thanks Tonette. It is very sad. I love this video. Always have.

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