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Tuesday Tales- January 19, 2016- Paint

This week the word prompt is paint. I am back to working on the vampire story I left behind for a while. This is about 30,000 words into the book so you may get confused. LOL!

We join the hero on a train trying to escape from Russia with the young woman he was sent to rescue. He’s been warned by a former lover that she’s  been required by their captor to drug his tea  and that she will try to minimize the effects by not putting in a full dose. Check out the other writers’ entries here. 

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Before Declan knew it, day was upon them and Schumacher returned to their rail car. “Wake up. I have breakfast on the way and we’re almost at the border. Another couple of hours should bring us in.”

Declan shook his head. He hated people who were too happy in the mornings. And who would’ve thought a vampire would be someone who liked the early part of the day?

He rose and raked his hands through his hair. Sure he needed a shave, he made his way to the small lavatory in the car. Even that area was opulent. Gold paint on the wainscoting complemented the cream wallpaper with tiny gold flecks in it. Declan wondered anew just who owned this carriage.

His morning ablations done, he returned to the main section of the railcar and sat at the small table that had been laid with a basket of assorted breads as well as boiled eggs. There was a pot on the table that Declan presumed contained the tainted tea.

Reluctant to take in the concoction, he poured himself a cup. It smelled good but again, he really didn’t want to drink it.

“Don’t you like tea?” Schumacher sat across from him. “You seem to be in a trance of some sort. Drink up.”

“I was enjoying the heat of the cup as well as the scent. What is that I smell in there?”

Schumacher picked up the small silver pot in front of his place. “I think it’s some kind of special blend Allison makes. I prefer coffee myself so I haven’t tried it. It seems she puts some kind of flower in it. Maybe that’s what you smell.”

“Hibiscus.” Annette turned from where she stood by the window.

“Where does one get hibiscus this time of year?” Declan asked.

“You obviously don’t know anything about flowers. They bloom all year in some places and there are these places you may have heard of. They’re called hot houses.”

“Thanks, Allison. I’ve never heard of such things. It’s nice to be educated.” Declan decided he better do as she’d asked the night before and drink the tea. He took a sip.

Yana came to the table. “I’d like some tea as well, please. I’ve never had any with this hibiscus flower in it.”

It seemed Yana was going to cooperate. Declan passed her a full cup of tea. Hoping Allison hadn’t lied and was going to put them under so far that they’d never wake, he took another drink of his.

“Would anyone like an egg?” Schumacher asked.

Now Declan was worried they were laced with something as well. “No thanks. I’ll just have some bread.” He hoped it would soak up the tea faster.

Yana took an egg and ate it.

Before too many minutes had passed, Declan felt the effects of the tea. Woozy and more than a little light-headed, he stood. The car tilted. He grabbed onto the back of the chair. “Sorry, I’m feeling a bit ill.” He could tell his words were slurred but it was hard to hear them. Things were muffled and people seemed too be moving in slow motion. Dear God. She’d given him too much.


  1. Oh my! I hope he can shake off the effects of that tea!

    • Me, too Vicki! 🙂

  2. Hibiscus tea is delicious. Wonder how long it will take the effects to wear off.

    • I agree, Joselyn. I love it.

  3. Damn! I wish he’d made her drink the tea. Now you’ve left us wondering! Looking forward to next week so I can find out what’s happened to Declan.

    • thanks Jean. I like to keep ya wondering. LOL. Kind of like you do us. hehehe

  4. Hope he’s okay. Great post, Looking forward to more.

    • thanks, Suzanne!

  5. What a twist, a vampire who likes the morning. Great job 🙂

  6. Great snippet! You wove a marvelous scene around the tea and hibiscus.

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