Posted by: Author | November 2, 2016

Wordless Wednesday



  1. And now I’m craving sweets. Geesh, that looks decadent! Hey, are you doing NaNo? I’m giving it a whirl this year.

    • It’s very decadent. Old, old place in Paris. Has the best hot chocolate AND the white hot chocolate is even better. I was hoping to think myself cool. LOL

      Yep, doing NaNo. I added you as a buddy. I’m sfcatty. Glad you’re in!!

      • Already friended you. And, umm, is it warm there? And hot chocolate helps you think cool? That explains all that awesome Outside The Box thinking in your books. I started Rex just before NaNo. Now I don’t think I’ll be reading again for…29 more days. Lol.

      • Yeah. It’s HOT here. Summer, summer, summer. We are still having summer. GRRR. Supposed to be a cold front tomorrow night – 49. AND thanks for the outside the box- I take that as a compliment.

        Hope you like Rex when you get back to him! He’s fun- or at least he is in my opinion. LOL

  2. Good chocplate is worth its weight in gold. The sensuous way it melts in your mouth, the rich taste tantalizing your tastebuds. Thank you

    • Amen. If you’re ever in Paris, Angelina’s is THE place to be for sensuous chocolate.

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