Posted by: Author | November 7, 2016

Tuesday Tales- Nov 8, 2016-Band

I’ve started a new story for NaNoWriMo and it’s a Regency era historical. This one is a little different than the norm as I have the heroine with a job. She’s actually the “nose” at a perfumery. In this scene, she’s just come up with a new scent and is sharing it with the father and son who are the owners and her employers. The son’s wife died the day before giving birth to his child.  The word prompt of the week is band.

Don’t forget to click this link to the other stories- they are pretty cool!


“Let me see how it smells.” Mr. Pecksniff turned to his son. “You said you like it?”

“Yes, Father. It’s nice,” the younger man said without looking up.

“Come on over and let’s allow Briony to explain what she has in it. We’ll have to come to a decision on a name and packaging for it as well.” He rubbed his chubby hands together gleefully. “I love new scents and all the wonderful things that go with it, including the introduction party.”

He held out his left hand. “Let me have it.”

Briony placed the container in his palm and watched— excited for his reaction—as he took it and placed it close to his nose. His own sense of smell was deteriorating as he aged. Briony was sorry for him as he was dejected at the loss. One of the reasons the family had been putting so much hope in the new baby.

While Mr. Pecksniff evaluated the product, she thought about how odd both he and his son had been since they came into the shop from the events of the day before. Neither of them had acknowledged the birth of the child, the death of the mother or even the black wreath with the sympathy band around it she’d hung on the front door. It was decidedly odd.

Not wanting to broach the subject, she stood silent as the man effused over the new creation.





  1. I’m hooked. Good luck with this.

    • Thanks, Susanne! That means a lot.

  2. Wonderful piece. So interesting! I have gotten on a perfume kick recently and have a perfume story in the works too. So fun.

    • How cool is that we are on the same wavelength? I had a friend dare me to write a Regency where the heroine had a job and since usually they didn’t or they were ladies of the night or dancehall girls. Or Household staff but that’s been done. LOL

  3. What a fascinating concept! I love Regency and this one has sucked me in. Well done!

    • Thanks Jean. I hope I can sustain it. 😀. Glad to hear it sucked you in.


  4. Wonderful snippet!

    • Thanks Vicki


  5. Oh! What a great new story you have for us! Well done.

    • Thanks Trisha!

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