Posted by: Author | August 9, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

KIMG05051 (2)


  1. Another door! Except I’m more intrigued by the wall than the door itself. Looks cool.

    • We call it the Door to Nowhere. It’s at the office of a colleague. I told my paralegal that would be a great name for a spooky story. 🙂

      • Indeed it is a great name and I had to stop myself before another story leapt into my head from one of your pictures. (I’ll finish that one story yet, I know I will.)
        Do you mind if I keep it? I think it wants to tell me something.I seriously can’t tell you how so much of the one story came immediately to me from a photo of yours.

      • sure, you are welcome to the photo. No sweat! glad it inspired!

    • oh and it’s not really a door- it’s sealed. No way in or out there. 🙂

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