Posted by: Author | August 16, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_3964 (2)


  1. Wow. If I ever see a car that color, I won’t need my morning coffee that day. I’m wide-eyed. And it’s not a Mary Kay car, is it?

    • Nope. Not Mary Kay. Funny thing, there was a woman in Firehouse with a pink and orange swirly dress on and when I came out and saw this car, I thought, “That has to be her car” and right after I snapped this pic from the safety of my own car, she came out with the guy she was with a got in the driver’s seat. LOL

      • rotfl. You’re apparently very good at matching people to cars. 🙂

      • It’s a latent talent. Hehehe

    • It was def. an eye-opening color!

  2. “The safety of my own car”!

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