Posted by: Author | February 1, 2018

Preorder for Captain Vane’s Daughter

It’s up and ready for preorder. The release day is February 6, 2018. The paperback will hopefully be up before that. It’s in process now. I love this story. It’s a tale of pirates and adventure. It’s also a honking big book- just short of 90,000 words (!)-

I was inspired by the Starz program Black Sails, to write this story. It’s nothing like that series but that was certainly where the seeds of my tale were planted in my noggin.  BUY LINK


Lydia Vane has been told all her life that she is the illegitimate daughter of the savage pirate, Captain Charles Vane. Her mother perished in childbirth, leaving her with a cruel grandmother. As soon as her evil grandmother died, Lydia, along with her faithful companion and freed slave, Benedict, set sail for the West Indies to find the truth of her parentage. Immediately upon their arrival in Jamaica, Lydia encounters a privateer who offers to help her.

Leo Mountbank, a privateer being threatened with the noose for piracy, believes the lovely Lydia is misguided and foolish in her quest. Drawn to her, he agrees to join the search. Benedict doesn’t trust the scalawag, but Lydia is set on doing things her way. Fearing for her safety and virtue, Benedict resolves to be vigilant in protecting her. But then Lydia leaves with the pirate and Benedict fears all is lost.

captain vane's daughter 1800 (2)


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    New release from my alter ego – Pirates! History! Romance! Adventure!

  2. Yay! Looking forward to it!

    • Thanks Laurie!

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