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Tuesday Tales- February 6, 2018- Angry

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is angry. We are a group of writer’s who use the same word once a week to tell our different tales. I am still working on my thriller.

Check out the other tales here.


“What would it take for you to tell me where I might find some younger girls who are being turned to the life?”
“You some kind of perv?” She shot me a look that would’ve frozen a lesser man, but I ignored it.

I didn’t especially want to tell her about the girl I was seeking because I could tell she might use that information against me. She couldn’t know I had a special interest in any of the victims. I made up a story.

“I’m not a pervert. It so happens I have a younger sister who we lost to the life when she ran away from home, so I’ve made it a goal to save as many younger girls as I can.”

“What happened to her in your family to make her want to run away?” the woman asked.

Great. Now I was going to have to make up more of the story. This was why I hated to lie. It was part of the job on occasion but I’d always hated trying to remember the story. But I went on. “She was in love with some guy who convinced her to go with him to the big city and she believed his tale of them having a wonderful life.”

“So some dude just came to middle America and stole your sister?” She spat om the floor again. “That’s some load of crap there, mister. Just tell me the truth and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

Before I could respond, Bennett Harris returned. I heard him address me as he approached. “Come on, Kev. We have another lead. The locals are on their way and we’re riding out again.”

I stood and turned to face him. A tall man, with a shock of red hair and an angry scar that ran from his left eyebrow to the right side of his chin, stood beside him. In cuffs.
The man’s eyes were hard and I could see no real sign of humanity in them.

Bennett nodded. “Kevin Vickrey. I’d like you to meet Duncan O’Keefe, otherwise known as Scumbag Extraordinaire. He’s going to lead us to another hidey-hole.”

When the man didn’t respond, Ben side-kicked him in the shin. “Aren’t you?”

“I don’t want to.” O’Keefe practically snarled the words.

“All right, then. You can go with the rest to the county jail until the formal charges are brought and you’ll not get the good word I promised to pass along to the prosecutor for your assistance.”

I knew Ben was right to threaten the man with that. Almost all criminals will turn on their buddies for a recommendation for a lesser sentence. I hoped this O’Keefe was one of those guys.


  1. Really enjoying this. Read the entries I missed. I feel sorry for the girl who has no hope. It must be awful to fall so low you can’t see a way out. Hope he finds the one he’s searching for soon.

    • thanks Susanne. I hope he does, too. 🙂

      • You mean you don’t know? LOL That’s something I would do!

      • Nope. I’m a total pantser. I know things about a minute before the character does. LOL

      • A kindred spirit!

      • 🙂

  2. I love how he mulls over the fact that he hates to lie and then gets caught up in it. And the description of Duncan is fantastic. Great job!

    • thanks Tricia. I’m one of those people who doesn’t lie as I’m afraid of the same thing. LOL! And thanks re: Duncan.

  3. Rough crowd you’re hanging around with. Looking forward to them finding the girl. The story has sucked me in.

    • thanks Jean. And yep, they are tough for sure!

  4. O’Keefe is a scary dude with “no real sign of humanity” in his eyes. You have described him excellently. I like the attribute you gave the girl — the astute assessment of his information seeking ploy.

    • thanks Flossie. I appreciate the kind words. You’re so good at description, that means a lot to me.

  5. Such a great snippet!

    • thanks!

  6. Great snippet! Very realistic. I really like this story.

    • Thanks Trisha.


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