Posted by: Author | December 17, 2018

Tuesday Tales- December 18, 2018-Picture Prompt

This week the authors of Tuesday Tales have a picture prompt. The snippets are limited to 300 words.  This is my story of the escaped slave. She and her friend Esther, an elderly woman, have found refuge in a village where a number of escaped slaves have set up home and are protected by the people who helped them get there.

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Theodora nodded. “I’ve had a bad experience running from hounds so I’m not fond of them.”

“I understand. These two mutts here are more likely to lick you to death rather than chase you, but I’ll keep them away.” He pointed to a building near them. “That’s where you’ll stay for the first few days. It’s the house we always put new arrivals in. It’s central and you’ll be able to get to know everyone and then decide what part of the village you want to settle in.”

“Settle in?” Theodora asked.

“Sure. A lot of people who come here decide to stay. They like it and it’s comfortable and safe.”  William walked ahead a step and toward the door. “Come and see.”

“We’re not planning to settle here,” Theodora said.

Esther was quiet and didn’t respond. She followed William into the cottage.

Inside, it was cozy. A small front room with a double sided fireplace. A fire was laid, but not lit. The log walls were a light color and added to the warmth of the place. Some colorful quilts were on the pieces of furniture. A chair next to the fireplace looked like an ideal place to sit and rest. Or sew by the light of the fire.

“There’s a bedroom on the other side.” William led them through the doorway.

That room had one large bed and two cot sized beds. “Sometimes we have to bring in extra beds. There have been a few occasions where we’ve been able to get an entire family group through at one time.”

“I bet those were joyous occasions,” Esther said with a little bit of sadness in her voice. Theodora imagined she was thinking of her own family. Lost to her now.


  1. Such a moving snippet!

  2. Great use of the picture prompt. And a nice teaser. I need to know what’s going to happen to her now.

  3. Great scene. Can’t wait to read more.

  4. Wonderful! You have done a great job with the picture prompt and description of the place. I love the emotion of sadness that emanates from her and look forward to more of your story.

    • Thanks Flossie. That means a lot.


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